The Arkadian Army

A core element of the Arkadian society is its Military. It keeps the kingdom safe and brings stability and peace. The Army is divided into three offices of equal importance and influence:

The Military Forces

From the highest General to the freshest recruit. The Military Forces are the troops, the main body of an army. Professionalism in combat and strategy are of utmost importance.

The Praetorians

The Praetorians are the military police force. They intervene in a misuse of power over citizens or soldiers and ensure loyalty to Arkadia and the king is preserved. They collect taxes and are appointed by the dukes for every county in their domain.

The Ministry of Defence

Under the leadership of the Strategos, the ministry controls the budget of the army, how the higher officers realize their missions or where to improve our defences.

The Code of Service

The Mission

The Arkadian Army has missions to fulfil. They are constantly active and give the Arkadian soldiers a reason to fight in the ranks. These Missions will be given by Prime Raziel, our King, or one of the army officers. We wish that every man or woman in the army fulfils these missions as best as they can:


The Arkadian Army must protect the realm and its inhabitants from all external forces intending to harm it. The Arkadian Army not only has to fight off invading or rebelling forces but also must prepare properly and professionally in combat and strategy to be able to prevent such possible hazards.


Not only external forces can harm the realm but also crime or catastrophes. The Arkadian Army must keep the streets and settlements of the kingdom safe for the Arkadian People to maintain their civil lives. The Army must fight organised crime, patrol the streets in and out of cities and fortify where it is deemed necessary.


The People of Arkadia are truly important to the Arkadian Army. Therefore, the Army will try to help wherever it is needed. It may help farmers protect their land against wild animals, protect merchants on travels as well as help in the State building projects.

The Values

The King and the Dukes distribute assignments to the army, giving them focuses. These missions are fulfilled with 3 ideals in mind:


Every soldier in the Arkadian Army will strive for perfection. It is his will to fulfil every mission best as can be done. It doesn’t matter in which field you serve or what your mission is, you will always aim to get better. Faults are made to learn from but not to be repeated!


The Arkadian Army wants to become the most respected army, not by numbers but by proof of competence. Every soldier shall be a respectable specialist, every officer shall be an example of a well-educated leader and every general shall be in charge thanks to his experience and achievements, not only his name.


Every single soldier of the Arkadian Army is worth as much as any general or officer. There are no deeds of a single man but the deeds of the Army as a whole. We share one king, one kingdom, one banner. We work in divisions of specialised fields but still, we know a single field can’t stand on its own. Being part of the Arkadian Army means being respected for protecting, securing and supporting your citizens.

The Ranks

Volunteer Program

This Program is the path for civilians that wish to obtain the Emeritus rank. It grants a Parcel of land in the kingdom as well as enough money to build a house and start a decent life.

The enroled will serve as Hastati in the army for a period of 20 in-game years. The rank is permanent and passed onto your next generations.

At first one will have to find a barony in which he wishes to serve. At the end of their service, an Hastatus can choose to either become a Legio or return to his Citizen life.

Hastati will be paid during their service but less than a Legio and they can’t progress in the hierarchy during their service. An Hastatus leaving his barony before the end of the service time will not be granted any benefits.

The Volunteer program is although a mandatory path for those that wish to become Tribune and represent the people in the Senate as well as those that wish to become Praetorians or Soldiers.

The Military Forces

A strong focus will be put toward a hard and constant training of our military forces as well as the top technological level of their gear.

The Forces are well structured, and the command clearly determined:

The Cohort (The Barony)

For the normal soldier, the cohort is his "family". Raised and trained in the stronghold of the Cohort, he’s strongly tied to it and his brethren in arms.

A soldier starts as an Hastatus until he finishes ground training. Once finished he can be promoted to Legio, the professional soldier.

After 30 years of service and constant proof of loyalty and skill, a Soldier can be promoted to the rank of Princeps, a veteran, insuring him greater pay and respect. Princeps are qualified to train recruits.

At the top of the hierarchy in a Cohort is the Praefect, the Baron. He must organize his cohort and see that his soldiers are well trained. He has complete freedom on how he wants to conduct the cohort, if he fulfils the few ground rules, given to all Barons: the soldiers must wear the colours of our kingdom and serve with dignity and respect.

The Praefect must appoint a Centurion, as second in command, who supports him with his daily tasks and can take over command in his absence.

The Praefect can appoint Optios for his cohort, a maximum of one for every ten active players. Optios are the non-commissioned officers and command on the field a part of the cohort assigned to them by their superiors.

Every Cohort will have an official number starting at One.

The Legion (The Ducal army)

All the Cohorts of a Duchy form a Legion under the command of a Legatus, the Duke or a person of his choice. The Legatus must control and command the Praefects. He must give them missions and oversee their conduction.

A Legion will have a number and a "nickname", which the Duke can choose. In that way, every soldier can easily declare which unit he belongs too. (Ex: Leg IV, Coh IX) (A List of all Legions will be in the comment section.)

The Praetorian Guard (The Sheriffs)

They are one per county and are named by the Dukes. They collect taxes for the Duke and act as military and federal police. They are residing in a county but are not under the authority of the Count. They can arrest anyone, even state officials, if need be, in case of abuses of power and treason.

After release, only Emeritus of high reputation will have access to this rank. They are of a higher rank than the army members and can ask for their support when need be.

The Praetorian of the Duke’s county will be the Optio Praetorian and will have authority over the others.

No noble or aristocrat can hold this title.

The Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence oversees the monetary and organizational affairs of the Arkadian Army.

The Ministry is led by the Strategos, he’s helped by the Scriptors, who are one for every Duchy. They reside at the Duke’s court and help him with the administrative and economical management of his Legion. Members are usually of the Emeritus rank.

Our vision and design are based on the game mechanics as we know them now, everything is subject to change.

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Beautiful writing your Majesty . I like and support every single point. My Legion will be.

Legio X Invicta

My personal Cohort command will be :

1st Armoured Trison Cohort

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Awesome ranks, Will be goood to see how people make use of this and change it to suit their millitary needs Nice post :)

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