Do You Still Not Have A Pledge Package?

Reply with your favorite biome and the first to choose my neighborhood will be sent enough purity seals to be awarded a free Elyrian Package by Noon (PST) Friday.

10/4/2018 5:25:58 AM #1

My favorite biome is your neighborhood. (:

The tundra sounds really nice and hopefully with a lot of secluded areas, considering the challenges that would follow. I imagine it to be a good place for pushing those survival skills to their limits.

10/4/2018 1:47:21 PM #2

If it's to say single preferred one, I'd say wetlands.

Dunno if this applies after the event has ended though.

NA-East. Cartography, linguistics and apiculture.

10/7/2018 11:16:41 PM #3

I know this is an old post, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the Desert biome. The fact that it might be a difficult place to live and it could be a great place for treasure hunting is really exciting.

10/12/2018 9:25:50 AM #4

Personal biome will be one that is forested with some hills/mountains and not too far from the plains. My character will be an explorer/ranger. I am shocked noone has asked OP what kind he would like. Personally I don't care for a package I'll get it when I am able too financially. But Laviran what would you like and why?

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