What types of talents will there be?

I'm pretty curious about what types of talents will exist. I know they'll be pretty rare and people won't even know they have them till they can use them so I'm expecting pretty powerful things. Although power comes in many forms. Could they be pretty tame like "You can master any instrument incredibly fast" or will they all be magical like "You can travel through the planes"? Personally would love to see a wide variety of talents, some even seeming like jokes and others being incredibly powerful but only under certain circumstances. a good joke one being "You can Woo anyone by winking at them" and an example of extreme power being something like "When the stars align the same way they did when you were born you will be able to summon unstoppable meteors"

What are your thoughts?

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9/18/2018 4:56:42 AM #1

I’d like it to remain a secret, even after launch.
That way, it’s more mysterious, and you can have people with fake talents, like fortune tellers that arent actually reliable, or tricksters that use sleight of hand and clever tricks to trick people into believing they are images and all that kind of things.

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9/23/2018 4:04:41 PM #2

I would love for talents to be released randomly at some point in Elyria, but us not being told about it; so suddenly you have a talent but don't even know that they have been released at all.

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9/24/2018 2:04:11 AM #3

You mentioned instruments, so of course my brain jumped on the Pied Piper talent train ad nauseam.

9/24/2018 4:41:53 AM #4

I expect they will be double-edged swords, metaphorically speaking. I believe Anara Starsong is the traditional example of a character with a talent. Her talent is visions, but they seem to yield some knowledge but no control. So I don't expect talents to involve great power unless they also involve great responsibility and great danger.

9/24/2018 2:24:50 PM #5

Keep in mind that Talents aren't meant to be character building, but story building. Talents are there to further the overarching story line, not so much to add a touch of magic or to be fun things for characters to posses.

So, to that end, they'll likely be specific and appropriate for that part of the story. Not so much a catalog of awesome, nifty, magical abilities that you discover you have by turning knobs and pressing buttons.

I believe it's been said that Talents may also manifest in people who are active in the story and present during a crucial moment, in order to further the story.

For example: Say the searing plague breaks out in a bad way, someone who has the innate talent and who is around at the right time may find they have a Healing Talent.

11/6/2018 7:21:39 PM #6

A talent would probably more along the lines of you used google to learn about stuff, youtube it to learn more, then try to apply it to in game. Your character is literally magically learning things just because you know it.

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