Location and effects on crafting stations?

Just a random thought - do you see location having any passive effect on local crafting stations?

For example, we would expect that being near a forest and supply of lumber would benefit a carpenter, in having a steady stream of materials to work with.

However, would the proximity to those resources inspire or encourage quality in the work of those placed nearby? If not a forest specifically, will there be "specials" or features that will have a positive boost on specific crafting stations when used?

10/4/2018 3:48:24 PM #1

Off hand I cannot quote where I found it, but I remember seeing a post where it was stated that having artwork of certain variety would help "inspire" you when crafting or researching.

I imagine its easier to blow glass in a room full of examples of glass bottles for example, although that parts partial conjecture. Would make the same sense that if you work with wood in a forest versus say a noblemans study you gain an equivalent boost.

10/4/2018 4:19:03 PM #2

To add some examples that occurred to me

Would being in an a hot environment. Say an arid desert or near an active volcano. Would that ambiant temperature increase make it easier to smelt ore and\or to heat up the ingots for making components.

Would being in a cold environment such as the tundra or deep in a cave system have the opposite effect? making it harder to heat up the metal and\or it cool off faster while you are pounding it on the anvil.

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