Tribal Armor Concept: Kypiq Light Armor

Hail hail Elyrians!

It's shiny time again! Last week, we shared a concept sculpt of some light armor in the Brudvir style which sparked some interesting conversation. I figured this week I'd keep the streak going and share another Faedin culture's light armor concept sculpt. So, without further adieu, let's have a look at a concept sculpt of the Kypiq Light Armor, shall we?

The Kypiq use materials in their crafting that are novel when it comes to building something like armor. This makes their armor an interesting challenge. Between the cultural practices of their version of Faedinism, the materials they have at their disposal, and their stature, the Kypiq tend towards a more natural look with their armor. This means that most examples of their armor are made of composites derived from materials common to the ironwood ecosystem of their home biome.

A concept sculpt like this gives us a good look at the way those materials may lay and allows us to explore how they will flex and move. In this particular case, for example, we can look at the way the leaves and other fibers would look as they "cure" and harden.

I do hope you enjoy it! :)

  • Snipehunter
9/27/2018 5:36:57 PM #1

Oh my! I love the Kypiq and I love this Armour

9/27/2018 5:37:22 PM #2

Wow! These look like they would work great in a forest ambush!

9/27/2018 5:37:35 PM #3

That's actually really cool!

9/27/2018 5:37:37 PM #4

That looks amazing!

9/27/2018 5:39:38 PM #5

do they leave? :D

9/27/2018 5:40:02 PM #6

I've been having a tough time deciding between Dras, Neran, and Kypiq. But shinies like this are making me wanna lean more Kypiq. Looks awesome guys.

9/27/2018 5:40:50 PM #7

This is more badass for what I expected from the Kypiq, respect.

9/27/2018 5:44:34 PM #8

Looks fantastic! Loving that green.

9/27/2018 5:50:42 PM #9

Only a tree-hugging limberal (see what did there) would wear this into a fight!

I did like it though, truth be told.

9/27/2018 5:51:10 PM #10

Ok, so I was never personally interested in the squirrels but this armor looks bad ass. Love it.

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9/27/2018 6:00:53 PM #11


9/27/2018 6:09:53 PM #12

I am not a Kipiq fu but at all.... But I will remember not to damage the armour when I will kill them.... This Is a very good job, Well done Sbs.

9/27/2018 6:28:23 PM #13

this may be the best looking set yet...kudos kypiq krewe

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9/27/2018 6:35:09 PM #14

Im not ashamed to say this, i would freak out if i saw that in the forest! Scary little things!

9/27/2018 6:36:18 PM #15

Anyone else have a Lord of the Flies" flashback?