[Bordweall NA-E] Town of Skara Brae

General Information

Skara Brae is located within the County of Arenthia in the Kingdom of Bordweall. Our main goal is to foster an environment where all citizens are able to pursue their own goals, while contributing to the settlement as a whole. We will not ask you to pursue anything against your will, but we will promote the trades we need the most via grants and training We plan to be on the coast and this aligns with the server map and current land selection order. Skara will establish a dominant foothold in the market of horse flesh. We hope to be the major supplier of military mounts in the county and reach beyond that as well. That being said, we need all professions within the city limits. We also want to attract professional mercenaries and fighters in order to provide security for the city itself and trade routes. The professional army will be left to the surrounding Barons, but we do wish to supplement them with a strong and reliable militia. Come into our discord for more information.

Current Trades

Skara Brae has begun accepting citizens. Currently we are looking for citizens in the following trades:

  • Military Mount and Horse Breeder
  • Farmer
  • Hunter
  • Fishermen
  • Blacksmith
  • Tailor
  • Soldier
  • Builder
  • Laborer
  • Healer
  • Innkeeper
  • Scout

All trade professionals are welcome so that Skara Brae can thrive and be as self-sufficient as possible. You are free to pursue any endeavor. The trades we are actively seeking will have infrastructure and supplies in place provided by the city. This will be enough to get that trade established and running. They will be expected to function on their own afterwards. This will ensure that our settlement has what it needs and the workers have a better chance of success.

City Council

The Council will work together to ensure the city is highly functional and well regulated. They will corroborate to form a vision for the city and set goals to obtain that vision. Goals such as investing in city infrastructure, community development, long term financial stability, and security.

Skara Brae Council Positions


Responsible for administration and law functions. Will give some direction to the Watch Commander in relation to active problems. Will assume Mayoral duties when required.


Will conduct criminal investigations for the Magistrate. Will also gather information and report the activities, movements, and plans of the enemy.

Watch Commander

Will command the watch. Responsible for general defense of the city and community policing.


General inventory and upkeep of supplies. Will help direct general construction of the town by planning structures, negotiating contracts, and helping new citizens settle in.

More positions will be announced as news, updates and mechanics are released for Chronicles of Elyria.

Note: Please be aware that anyone applying for these positions must have a game package. There will also be a mild application process. Neither is required to join as a citizen or guild. Only council positions.


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This sounds like a pretty great town! If only I could be so lucky as to get one like it! DO you have a lore for your settlement?

10/24/2018 12:47:53 PM #3

I got jumped by enemy guilds in SB so many times back in the UO days, lol, good memories.

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Posted By Krakonz at 08:47 AM - Wed Oct 24 2018

I got jumped by enemy guilds in SB so many times back in the UO days, lol, good memories.

You and me both lol...especially fighting SE from the docks... I'm still chasing the dragon that was old school UO. I'm hoping this is it.

11/16/2018 8:03:46 AM #5

Vesper Dungeons runs anyone? :D Was hit many a-times running back from those dungeons to the bank with bagful of loot, only to get picked off by a group of bandits. :D

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Updated with map selection.

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Still recruiting

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We have a pretty solid idea of exactly where we'll be located now. Come on in for more information

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Selection is coming up soon!

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Still recruiting

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Will be going through a name change due to the denial of Skara Brae. I'll make a new post and update some things after approval. We did get the coastal location we wanted. We're on the coast and a river. A Garrison and the tri county capital sits behind us on the river. Also have trade routes going north into the next Duchy and south deeper into our Duchy. See discord for placement information.