Concerning the use of family codes

Is there a downside to this? The person would only have access to the things you approve right? And as long as their not your heir there shouldn't be any issues of them turning on you ? I mean they could, but they shouldn't be able to take over your lands if they're not your heir? I understand you can lose your stuff in other ways.

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Correct, you can designate what they are entitled to and what they are not entitled to. Just as NPCs do when you spawn into an NPC family. You designate the heirs (:

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This depends on what family member they are and the contracts in play. First, your spouse automatically shares properties unless it was put in the contract to have them not.

Perhaps the most straightforward route to obtaining land is through marriage. Unless the marriage contract is specifically altered not to share ownership, any land owned by either spouse becomes the shared property of both. We leave the option open for a prenuptial agreement because you never know, he/she may be a gold digger. Seriously, they may actually be trying to dig up gold on your land.


Next, a child of yours is not automatically the heir if there is a will that grants your possessions to someone else upon your death. The default will probably be that if there is no outstanding will then your spouse or firstborn will naturally inherit your estate but at this time I cannot find a reference to the default state of your inheritance but [Down the rabbit hole] ( dev journal talks about any member of your family being able to inherit your estate and locking specific family members so others cannot become them without your intent permission.

TLDR It should be safe as long as you take the proper precautions before hand.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I'm just looking at having a few friends join as family members, but you can never be too careful.

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Get that prenup if you don't trust them hahaha

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