Calling Wellingtonians (and perhaps a Huttite or two...)

Ever stay up late at night fraught with worry wondering

"What is my role in the world?"

Well, to be fair I dont have a solution to that!

But if you're looking for a county or barony to call home, chat me. We could be friends. We might even be able to score a pint and enjoy a local gig down at Valhalla.


12/2/2018 5:02:57 AM #1

Yo, from Wellys as well. I'm part of AQ, but can catch up for a beer sometime over the summer months.

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12/3/2018 6:11:16 AM #2

Welly here too! suppppppp. Mayor package currently in AQ

12/4/2018 2:19:57 AM #3

Anyone want to join my county? I'm from auckland and also one of the counts in AQ

12/4/2018 3:20:00 AM #4

From welly but living in hamilton, I currently have a barony in Aequitas. Good luck with what your'e doing!

Baron Murk Venery - Fort Darkdale
Forrest Rosebarrow - Duchy of Losthollow - Kingdom of Aequitas