How to let other join your family

Just wandering what are the requirements for my friends to join our families

11/20/2018 5:29:43 PM #1

Hi, LeoluchResen!

In order to have your friends join your family you will need two things:

  1. Have an NPC family member. Players don't spontaneously generate new characters when they join, they have to inhabit an existing NPC. So, if you want a friend to be part of your family, you'll need a family first. This can be a spouse, child, sibling, niece/nephew, etc.

  2. Provide the code. Your immediate family (two generations in either direction) is considered "locked" to other players unless you invite them. Each of your eligible family members has a code. By giving that code to another player you allow them to spark their soul into that family member. Keep in mind that if you give your sister's code away to a player, any of your sister's NPC children (your nieces/nephews) become locked to that new player and you lose access to that entire branch of your family.

12/29/2018 9:43:54 PM #2

If you join a family in which all the characters are NPC’s this is who is locked for you to share their codes.

If you spark into an NPC child with parents: 1. Any grandparents 2. Parents

If you spark into an NPC that is married with children: 1. Your parents 2. Your spouse or any other NPC you have children with. 3. Any children you have that is not the child of another PC 4. Any children your kids have (your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc)

With the first scenario, while your parents and grandparents are locked, if you have any siblings, nieces, or nephews you cannot lock them but you can see their codes. Give them to people you want to join your family or anyone can join your family as a sibling, niece, nephew.

With the second scenario, you get to lock all of your children which means any children they have with other NPC’s will be locked. So if you give the code for your second child’s daughter to someone, that line will essentially be given to that player and you won’t have access to that grandchild or any children she has in the future unless the player gives you a code.


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