Building a Better Orphan

My goal is to raise orphans that are attractive choices for players to spark into as ward characters.

As an orphanage owner or manager, what can I do to influence the orphans' development? Can I tutor a child in a skill so he or she gains some bonus to that skill as an adult? Can I emphasize the development of the orphan's attributes, such as having a child work out to improve strength?

Does the quality or management of the orphanage have any other impacts on the adult life of a ward?

Can I exchange orphans with other orphanages?

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I believe you're misunderstanding the ward system. A ward doesn't spark into a NPC like how someone who sparks into a family would, hence why they will always start at a fixed age and their character customization isn't limited to the genetics and gender of the character they spark into (instead they're limited to the basic tribe options that are available in the region). They will also distribute skill and attribute points themselves from a starting pool of points.

This might seem pretty inconsistent with the rest of the game, but it does act as a fail-safe for whenever a conflict result in the genocide of the local NPC population.

What requirements an orphanage have, and whether it needs a manager or not, is still unknown I believe. Though I suspect the structure itself may require a number of bedrooms that can act as a home for the wardens until they reach a certain age (starting out homeless would be pretty rough for new players).

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I think you have a slight misunderstanding of what Wards of the state are my friend.

I would check out these two dev journals, here and here

If you don't want to be part of a family, and there are a couple good reasons not to, you have some other options. First, as seen in Figure 2, you have the choice to be a Ward of The State. A Ward sacrifices the financial and social support system which comes with a family, in exchange for additional character customization and more flexibility. Wards are able to select any Gender and have a point distribution system they can use to set their starting skill values and character attributes. Beyond that, Wards begin at age 12 rather than age 15 and so have an additional twelve days of adolescence in which they can further customize their character's skills and abilities.

Wards of the state don't really exist until a player creates them. You would not be raising empty shells for players to pop into, if a Ward exists a player already popped into it.

That being said, I would run an Orphanage as a type of newcomers orientation. Offer classes so players can develop their desired skills as they grow, show them the ropes in your settlement.

Just no trading them :P

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To be fair, you've beaten me to the punch a few times too, lol. xD I just usually check if someone already posted after I finished typing before I actually post something. Besides, you provided a lot of additional information, so it's all good. :3

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Thank you both for weighing in.

It sounds like I should adjust my original game plan, then. Rather than trying to fill every available bed, it sounds like I should make sure to leave some empty at all times to make sure space is available for new arrivals. (I may also want to develop the available NPC orphans as well to allow for possible future NTCs in my settlement, but that will be a secondary goal.)

Is there any word on whether the quality of the orphanage and/or its staff will have any bearing on the new wards' stats or gameplay? (Other than their first home being nicer-looking or more durable?)

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Yes and no.

So it has been hinted that nicer furnishings add inspiration type effects to characters, and obviously higher skilled trainers would make teaching and training more effective while Wards are just starting out.

Taking that into considerations, I think you won't see a direct correlation by only adding one aspect, but if you compare a small shack in the slums to a well kept orphanage with competent tutors, you are likely to see a difference in "quality of orphan"

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Assuming an orphanage can be built by individual citizens (like being contracted or receive permission from the government) and work on a room by room basis like most other structures in CoE (as opposed to locking down the purpose of the entire structure) then instead of exclusively an orphanage you might be able to do a combined nursery and inn in addition. With nursery I mean that there might be players living in more cramped homes looking to rent additional bedrooms to accommodate children of their own.

If possible this will allow you to expand the orphanage when needed without having to worry about lack of new arrivals in the future as there will always be alternative uses for the extra bedrooms. As an example I'm hoping my schools dormitory can take on orphanage and nursery services in addition as well because I really want those things to be closely linked to an educational organization within my county to begin with.

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