Vetr of Raiders Cove

The County of Vetr

The Iron Mist hails from their Den of “Jarn Halda” (Iron Hold) positioned in the County Vetr (winter), Jarn Halda is the capital that is built along coast line in Vetr. Jarn Halda is a City of war where only the strong hearty will survive, all clan members will be trained in combat and offered apprenticeships while completing their "Rite of Passage". The county of Vetr under the leadership of Bruégot Kerios Farwynd, our lands will be perfect for establishing your home. Under the leadership of Bruégot Kerios and his ties with other Alpha’s and Betas in surrounding Duchies/Counties. The Iron Mist will master the waves with our mighty fleet and warriors we will control the sea. (Role-players are heavily encouraged and welcome to join the community and will find that their endeavors and choices in roleplaying will be encouraged and supported by their Earl).

Rite of Passage

(All STC) The clan’s Rite of Passage will be a core element and event of the clan that will happen once every 3 years. Everyone will need to take the Rite of Passage, survive and pass to become apart of the pack. This means for those that death, failure and refusal are all possible and allowed. Time given is for in-game time and not IRL Scroll down for dot points:

When Barn’s become 12-14 (TBD with game mechanics) they will travel to Vetr to start there Rite of Passage. We do understand people may experience injuries and even death while taken part. We picture this looking like this (Take note all time giving is example and STC), also we are starting out as a county and plan to take over the Duchy So we will give 2 examples of this:

At the 1st fall of snow Barns that turn (14 or 16 as to be decided with more information) that year will leave their Den’s within Vetr to travel to Jarn Halda. -Travel: Is still to be finalised with the Alpha and Beats in talks. When they arrive there will be a placed into a makeshift barracks for the first (TBD) months, here they will experience to a range of Omega and Gamma skills as well as learning weapon wielding skills. At the end of this time the Barns “MUST” choose a skill and weapon, If they can’t ( or as some players may not care) they will be given one by trainers.

-Barracks: This may become a clan event in where we have members from all over come to show the Barns what is possible and done by Omegas and Gammas. E.G a weapon smith is a smithy and will also smelt ingots, sharpen weapons, make tools and equipment like nails etc.

A ceremony will be held by Kerios in where he break the Barns into smaller groups called “Brother-Band” as well as giving gifts the barns their Rite of Passage gear this will contain:

    : 1 handed Axe or sword with a Shield. 
    : Bow and arrows or Throwing Javelins.

Kit: : Basic tools (TBD) -Ceremony: ( upto this point we are expecting this to be close to the 6 month mark) Once this is done the Barns will be taken out from Jarn Helda to live for the next year. Here they will hone in their skills as Gammas and Omegas living with their brother-bands alone in the wild, where they will be subject to the elements and wild-life.Here they will learn how to work as a team with guidance from trainer. They will drill raiding tactics using all their skills and practice fighting daily.They will also get to experience sailing and learn about the different roles while on board. Every month they will fight other brother-bands or be given missions (Capture the Flag, sailing).

-Training: This will go for 1 year to 1.5 years The last challenge is the most dangerous as the Brother-Bands will be sent to Conflict zones to take part in, these will be raid targets and war zones. Here they will live and follow the orders of their leaders. The Brother-bands will fight and show what they have learned over the last 1-2 years.

-Last Challenge: If there are 4 Brother-bands that are sent to front line war zones, When they take part they will not be all used at once. As to not “weaken” our force and have the mixture of experience and non-experience which will also help with the survival rate. When the Brother-Bands return the Clan will hold a huge ceremony to feast and welcome the Clans newest members. The Brother-Bands will be able to keep their Rite of Passage gear. Choose Omega or Gamma Skills as well as Weapons Leave Jarn Heda survive in the wild while training Learn basics of sailing Go out on a raid or join front lines in war

Duchy: We will discuss/ plan the Rite of Passage Later as we get closer, for now it is not a focus or top priority.

Iron Mist Focus

Iron Mist is a heavy Raiding (military) Clan.

Raiding by land and Sea (Military): The overall goal of the clan is to have the best warriors in the Kingdom and beyond. We plan on having different ways on how to get this goal and keep it. One is with our rite of passage, as one of our clans foundational culture event. Here members will learn how to fight and hold their own along with the everyday life as a clan member. Our Rite of Passage has become a big part of who we are and how we work as a clan. We plan to have events planned in advance like seasonal raids. There will also be Clan Event’s for the best warrior's within the clan. This does not mean we are only looking for PvP players. We understand that to survive we to have farms,smiths, inns etc, we need an economy. We need people making weapons and food this goes hand in hand with PvP.

Structure/ Ranks

The structure is that we are all members of the Iron Mist, our ranking systems works from the Lore of Brudvir. This means we are ranked by Omega, Gamma, Beta and Alpha. The Iron Mist allows it members and supports them to start guilds from within as a “focus” (blacksmith, hunter, carpenter's etc guilds). The Clan is the overall goal and drive with guilds allowing members to have focus: Example: You and your friends plan to start the guild of “Bow’s and Arrows” while another player has small farming guild “Seeds & Earth”. What do you all get from joining the Iron Mist? How do we support each other? Who is in charge of the guild? By Joining the Iron Mist you gain protection from the clan your not just a farming guild, you are the Seeds & Earth of the Iron Mist. where you support the clan with grain and food. Same for hunting guilds they are the Bows & Arrows of the Iron Mist Clan, you may also talk with Kerios about land to use for your guilds and or possible buildings. As with this example the Seeds & Earth would want land to farm on and the Bows & Arrows may want a guild hall in the Capital. We support each other as a Clan: the Seeds & Earth farm and sell their produce to the shops in town or sell to the members of the clan. They support by helping to feed us, The Bows & Arrows support the clan by selling hides and the skin to make leather. How the Iron Mist support these is by offering a pool for them to find new members as well as protection. The guild leaders are in charge of their guilds You join the Iron Mist and run your guild within the Iron Mist. What does this mean for you: Your clan has the protection of the clan and our warriors and the chance to recruit from within the clan.

Tribe and Tribal Ranks:

By choosing Brudvir the structure of the clan will be not what most players would be use too. It's simple in the idea, it's built around the social aspect and also the Brudvir lore. Children will simply be children until they become of age (TBD) they will be known within the clan as “Barns”. When a Barn becomes of age they will become clansmen / clanswomen.

When they become of age the will go through a conscription training that will teach them military skills, sailings as well as their choice of trade skills. Depending on which trade skills they have learned, does depend on their standing within the society of Iron Mist.


This rank within the society is the basic of all the positions. At this level you are a fully fledged clansmen / clanswomen within society. All of them are farmers, gatherers, and hunters. Even though these are considered the lowest stations within the society, they are nonetheless important for providing food and materials.


This rank within society is a step above Omega. At this level you are a fully fledged clansmen / clanswomen within society. These are the craftspeople of the clan, they provide the weapons, armour, tools and items required for everyone.


At this level you are a fully fledged clansmen / clanswomen within society. This rank is for those who wield a small amount of power and influence within the clan. These are your Mayors, Magistrates, and Baron / Baroness. This is the Aristocracy of the clan.


At this point you are one of the ruling class of the clan. You are either a Count or a Duke, controlling large swathes of land. All under you swear loyalty to you and rise when you call.

Way of Life:

The clans will operate just like a “normal” community in today's world, we will have a need for members that will keep the clan going, with there skills and jobs as farmers, crafters, gatherers, hunters and warriors. We will have guilds within the clan that allow members with a setfocus like fighting, farming, crafting and so on. Our way of life will be special to us with things like our Rite of passage.


-All members will complete Rite of Passage. -Beta’s will bring issues to the Alpha and have them fix or plan put in place (talk to Kerios for more info on this) and so on if clan-members have beef within their den they should take it to there Beta.

Common Questions

Question: As a raiding clan how will spoils be divided up? Answer: This will come down to the member in charge of the raid. Question: Who can plan raids? Answer: Anyone as long as they can afford it or negotiate deals, (If you don’t have any ships or any money how do you expect anyone to join your raid)

Career Board.

If you want to start being certified by the time Elyria is ready to open, then jump into our discord and let us know! Iron Mist Discord

You can find our website on Gamer Launch:


You hear the rumors of a new Clan to the north The, Iron Mist check out our Discord or APAC Grand Duchy of Kybourne Keep your eye's on the horizon for we are coming with Iron, through the mist we sail, silently for ever closer.

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