Possible Error in Guild Hall Kit Description

In the Guild Hall Kit '8 Bales of straw' are listed in its features. Most likely this is an erroneous fragment in the description that snuck over from the Stables Kit.

However, if for some reason it is correct that the Guild Hall Kit also comes with 'Bales of straw' then it should probably been listed in the contents list at the bottom and not in the feature list (as it was in the Stables Kit).

Guild Hall Kit Description

11/27/2018 12:41:24 AM #1

The bottom is not a contents list, it is a redemption list. You go to vendor in-game and get the bottom items. Also the straw may be decorative. But, even if it isn't it is something that you can use with the guild hall so it still counts as a feature. Such as this house features and outdoor grill. I just don't see it as something needing alteration.

11/27/2018 2:00:42 AM #2

Posted By Madame_Ventisette at 01:41 AM - Tue Nov 27 2018

The bottom is not a contents list, it is a redemption list.

You are arguing over semantics here. Irregardless of what you call it the point remains the same. And I understand how the redeeming system works.

The point is that it's possible the bales of straw wasn't intended to be a part of this package at all. This is because:

  1. Bales of straw are not only decorative, it's horse fodder, hence why it's part of the stable kit; its relevance to a general guild theme is however questionable.
  2. Further evidence of it being an error is that it's not in the package content/redemption list. Every individual item should be listed there.

However, if for some reason they want to throw in some bales of straw into the guild kit too, perhaps as decoration as you suggested, then these items should been listed in the content/redemption list in the same way it was in the stable kit as it's a separate item from the guild hall blueprint and vouchers, and also for consistency.

12/3/2018 10:46:35 PM #3

The Bales of Straw are included in the Guild Hall Kit.

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