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The County of Somnium

Somnium in many ways, is no different than any other county in the Broadleaf Forest. It is covered almost entirely by forest in which all matters of creature can be found. Rivers and streams wind their way through the thickets supplying water to the many hamlets scattered along their banks. But those who visit say that there is something different, something wrong. Misfortune seems to stalk those who pass through and to a greater degree those who choose to stay. Yet they remain, a fact that confounds outsiders and is likely to continue doing so. Those who come to do business in Somnium often do their business and leave, seldomly staying long enough to answer the question.


1. Specialized Production of Textiles.
2. Specialized Production of Glass.
3. Research and Development.
4. Exploration.

Somnium, as a county, will focus mainly on production, research, and to a lesser degree exploration. We welcome any kind of playstyle but will be aiming to attract researchers, crafters and explorers in particular. This said, there will be opportunities for enterprising individuals to secure investment from myself to establish hamlets in the county of Somnium, especially if they are related to agriculture, forestry, glassmaking or textiles. Finally, for those who prove themselves to be trust worthy and capable leadership positions will be made available.

City of Nauseam

The city of Nauseam in much the same way bewilders passersby. Predatory yellow eyes pursue you as you navigate confusing, winding paths. There is an inexorable feeling of unease floating in the air, marked by an absence of something. Something so often taken for granted that it is becomes difficult to identify. The material has come to serve as replacement for the immaterial. Gentry and aristocracy alike make great efforts to appear better off, clothing of the finest silks hang off their bodies, beautiful tapestries of crimson are suspended from their rafters. Stained glass windows transform any light that filters through them, and when it gets dark solitary lamp posts line the streets directing people towards the taverns.

And it is all because of the Pontis, the ruling family of Somnium. So often experiencing tragedy and grief that they chose instead to pursue their more carnal desires. By doing so they drowned their emotions in excess. Eventually numbing themselves, forgetting tragedies like the execution of Finn Pontis by King Phyllain. But this is only one of the many misfortunes that have befallen the Pontis family. Urban legend states that black cats are their misfortunes given physical form, for which there are many in Nauseam.

Nauseam will be home to two large and well-equipped guilds in which research will focus on textile and glass products. This will be partnered up with a manufacturing hub that specializes in the production of textile and glass products. To keep with the overall theme of Nauseam the city will have a large population of black cats wandering the streets and faceless owls staring accusingly from the forest canopy. Furthermore, citizens will be encouraged to dress extravagantly, ways in which to lower the cost of clothing will be explored.


Nova Textiles: Headquartered in Nauseam, Nova Textiles strives to revolutionize the way in which the textile industry operates. By choosing to focus on the efficient production of superior textile components Nova empowers local businesses to produce equally impressive products. Prior to focusing on textile components Nova made its name selling cloaks of unrivalled quality and continues to do so today. If you are interested in becoming a team member or have questions feel free to message Dazzle Sewbright.

Job Board

Copse Warden: Loyal bannermen of the Pontis family, they secure the realm against anyone who would do it harm. Resplendent in their crimson cloaks they patrol the streets of Nauseam and the roadways of Somnium.

Glassmaker: Talented craftsmen their works can be seen throughout Nauseam, from basic storefront windows to beautiful works of stained glass. Glassmakers are integral members of Nauseam and highly respected by the Pontis family.

Tailor: Skillful artisans to which Nauseam owes its prosperity, they are highly regarded by the Pontis family. Their goods are a highly sought after, from Vornair to Kairos the textiles of Nauseam have no equal.

Tinkerer: Hands on researchers, they allow the businesses of Nauseam to maintain a technological advantage over their competitors. Their individual expertise varies, but their contributions are universally recognized throughout Nauseam.

Wayfinder: Accomplished survivalists they have leverage said expertise to explore the wilds of Somnium. Wayfinders provide the Pontis family and local merchants information about potential resources, trade routes, and dangers.

If you have any questions or simply want to have a chat feel free to message me on the COE forums or join the county discord by clicking the image below.

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Looking good!

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Thanks, it's still a work in progress. I hope to hammer out some more specifics over the holidays.

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