Duchy of Yamashiro Province

Duchy: Yamashiro Province

Location and Lifestyle:


Spanning two Duchies, Yamashiro Province contains vast lower montane forests, majestic mountains and clear blue rivers that flow throughout the land. Situated in the north, within Aequitas and Kingdom 1, Yamashiro is home to a unique Northern Neran sub-tribe consisting of warriors that dedicate their lives to the pursuit of martial prowess, discipline, loyalty, justice and honour, as well as an industrious class of mercantile crafters and traders that seek perfection in their professions and wares, using only the highest quality materials to supply only the highest quality products.


(Still being finalised) High up in the majestic mountains of Yamashiro Province, located at the northern end of this double duchy, live the Hrothi in their mountain fortress. Like their proud Neran neighbours in the south of the double duchy, they share a similar philosophy of martial prowess and industrial excellence. In times of war, the Hrothi are the living tanks of the duchy and kingdom. Heavily armoured, they help to shield the Neran from ranged attacks, providing an almost impenetrable wall of shields that also prevents enemy advancement. At close range, this living tank is able to deal devastating attacks to the enemy shin and knee, while anything higher than that is the target of the Neran (jokes). If the Hrothi are the shield or living tank, then the Neran are the sword, cutting down the enemy with ease using precision strikes. Excelling in more than just melee combat, this Neran sub-tribe also boast some of the deadliest archers and mounted warriors known to Mann. Together, no shin, knee or head is safe from the armies of Yamashiro Province!

Entrance to the mountainous Hrothi Fortress

Imperial Court of Yamashiro

Yamashiro Province is ruled by Daimyo (Duke) Hajime Saito and his Imperial Court of Counts and Advisors who act as the voice of the people. The primary concerns of Saito and the Court are the welfare and prosperity of his people. While harsh on anyone who seeks to undermine this, they seek to settle all matters justly and fairly. Citizens are encouraged to voice their concerns, thoughts and opinions, and speak up against any injustice they may feel or have witnessed.

What does Yamashiro have to offer?

Herbalism, Medicine, Pharmacology, Alchemy

Yamashiro Province is home to Elyria’s most prestigious school of Herbalism, Medicine and Pharmacology, Heian University, funded by the foremost expert in Herbalism, Medicine and Pharmacology, Lord Saito himself. If you wish to be a healer and study Herbalism, Medicine and Pharmacology, this is certainly the place for you. Lord Saito’s published life’s work can be found here: The Simplified Elyria Medica As this is his life’s work, there is still much to be written, hopefully to be completed in the not too distant future.

Military Strength

Yamashiro boasts one of the finest defensive armies in the land. With such peaceful lands to date, there has been little use for the army; however, Lord Saito is resolute about being prepared to defend his lands, the kingdom of Aequitas and his allies. With signs of possible trouble on the horizon, the value of this army cannot be understated.

Wealth, Trade and Crafting Excellence

Lord Saito also understands that a military is not enough. A military cannot feed or pay for itself, so a strong economy based on high quality resources, crafting and trade is encouraged with subsidies, loans, investment opportunities and other financial assistance offered as an incentive to attract business and commerce to the land. All you need to do is ask. A wealthy duchy means a strong military and with a strong military comes safety, security and happiness for the citizens of Yamashiro Province. Yamashiro is a major trading hub for the region, with trading ports on the coast and borders that are shared with every other duchy in the Kingdom of Aequitas.

Opportunity. Want more?

Lord Saito is also looking for trusted individuals who can prove their loyalty and economic acumen to step up and take control of positions within the Imperial Court. Suitable individuals may be granted, lands and titles. It won’t be easy and it may not happen overnight, but if you show dedication and loyalty, your efforts will certainly be rewarded.

Heian City – Situated in lower montane forest below the mountains

Daisho Double County and the Capital City of Yamashiro Province

Heian City is the Capital of Yamashiro Province, located in the double duchy of Daisho and is situated at the base of a mountain ridge next to a river not too far from the coast. The location provides excellent trading opportunities, is easily defended and is surrounded by rich, fertile soil for farming and herbalism, forests for hunting (no Kypiq sorry), furs and wood, rivers and the coast for fishing, resource and ore rich mountains, plus Heian University’s school of Herbalism, Medicine and Pharmacology. Heian City, is the Ducal seat of power for Daimyo Hajime Saito

Does this sound like the place for you?

It doesn’t matter what tribe you are. It doesn’t matter the “theme” you may have in mind for you character, domain or settlement. It doesn’t matter what playstyle you like as long as you are respectful, loyal, honourable and not seeking to undermine Yamashiro Province, the Kingdom of Aequitas or our allies. If you would like a home in Yamashiro Province, you are welcome!!

Do you wish to be HROTHI?

Then Yamashiro Province wants YOU!!

Lord Saito is willing to offer great incentives for Hrothi to settle his lands and become a loyal and valuable part of the community. If you do not have a title but want one, Lord Saito will do everything in his power to elevate your status to the position you desire as long as you prove to be trustworthy and dedicated. Do you with to be a Hrothi crafter, merchant, trader or soldier…. Whatever you like? Lord Saito will work with you, to make your dreams come true for the benefit of us both and Yamashiro Province.

Do you wish to be a Mayor, Baron or Count?

Lord Saito wants to hear from YOU!!. Whether you wish to run a commercial or agricultural focused settlement or a military fort training soldiers, Yamashiro Province is in need of both to grow a rich economy and strong military.

Don't have the package? Don't worry! In exchange for loyalty, diligence and a little time, we can make it happen!

Do you want to be Neran in a cooler climate?

With lots of forests, rivers and mountains, this is the place for you. Whatever you wish to do, you need only apply and not seek to harm the Province, the Kingdom or its allies.

Incentives for Neran also exist

You just have to ask and negotiations can occur!


Duchy: Yamashiro Province (click me)

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I hope to hear from you! Daimyo Hajime Saito

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wow Haji thats a fantastic write up well done

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Excellent write up indeed!

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Excellent write up indeed!

Wishing you all the best and hope you have great success with your Province. :)

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Excellent writing mate.

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Plenty of room still in Yamashiro for those what like a cooler climate and wish to be Neran and/or Hrothi.

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