[NA-West] Duchy of Calador


The Duchy of Calador, in the Kingdom of Valyria, (NA-West) is dedicated to the expansion of knowledge with a focus on commerce, research, and becoming a seafaring duchy. We are always looking for players who want to have fun and enjoy the game.

The Duchy is committed to the happiness, security, freedom, health, and prosperity of all who call it home. All citizens are treated as equal and shall be expected to be loyal to the realm. This includes supporting the Duchy and their communities to the best of their ability so that all can prosper together.

Calador's council and leaders will help anyone interested to plan and develop their settlements, business, guild, association, or region with infrastructure and support. We encourage citizens to blaze their own path in a land where all can live and adventure regardless of your personal goals. Calador is a home to all and a prison to none. This ideal is both the foundation for fostering new research and prosperity within the duchy and kingdom but also to support being among the first to establish colonies on new and far away lands.

All are welcome and your land is waiting for you to claim it. All pledge levels and playstyles are welcome; from crafters and farmers not wanting to leave their towns to wanderers and mappers of the realm, all are invited to tell their tale. While role playing is welcomed and encouraged, it is not required. What are you waiting for? Join us on discord today!


While the citizens of Calador will ultimately define our culture, we seek to be a haven for those in need and forge a unique community that citizens are proud to call home. We want our citizens to be open, honest, and free to be themselves. To this end, Calador has multiple celebrations and festivals planned for everyone to attend and participate in.


As this is a game of stories, the Duchy of Calador welcomes all to dwell within its lands. This includes everyone from mercenary and assassin guilds to bounty hunters and religious sects to the humble farmers and the crafter next door. Come for opportunity, adventure, and challenge where you make the stories with your neighbors, friends, and adversaries.

Council of Counts

Each Count/Countess within the Duchy is welcome to attend the Council of Counts, which discusses and votes on the direction of the Duchy for the good of the citizens. The Council is responsible for coordinating resources and expertise to support all citizens of the land. The Council also brings concerns within their respective counties to light and works out a course of action to resolve it.

Council of Seven

The Council of Seven are an appointed group of citizens of the duchy that help advise on the direction and growth of the duchy as a whole.

The Lands of Droth County

Droth county is the seat of Calador's capital city, Lucerna, where craftsmen and traders from all over come to trade their knowledge and sell their goods.

Anyone who owns lands within the borders of Droth County and works the lands and/or their trade will reap the success of their efforts with the help of their Count as I pledge to help and support any and all who request aide to the best of my ability. There are fields for farming, trees for logging, land to build upon, and towns to grow. This requires citizens looking to hone their crafts: farmers, crafters, soldiers, explorers, and settlers. We rise and fall together!

Droth County has a focus on research, both for crafting wondrous devices through tinkering as well as deadly weapons for its soldiers. This focus is set to help the citizens calling Droth County home to flourish in their goals and visitors to yearn to return and purchase the next masterwork created as well as learn from the best and brightest in their profession. Moreover, Calador is home to the Subject Matter Expert for law within the game itself and has a school dedicated to drafting contracts and law.

Emberosia is the main crafting organization for Calador with a focus on smithing and tinkering. It is duchy funded and charged with researching, crafting, and refining the best gear and devices for the duchy. All citizens are welcome to join, training, and hone their craft at the forges. Then take what they have learned back to her home towns. Master smiths and tinkers will also be invited to travel to the capital and share their techniques with those that want to learn.


• PvX, and RP welcome but not required.

• Recruiting all levels of pledges!

• Focus on crafting, trade, culture, seafaring, and exploration; and we welcome all types that are passionate about their interests, and just want to have fun with the game!

• Duchy Discord:

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Wish you the best of luck!

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The County of Vigil is proud to call Calador its home!

Count Zachariah Ardent of Vigil

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