Kypiq housing

I have beeing reading in the wiki and I wounder: do Kypiq not carve their homes inside of a tree? Considering how massive these trees are, this would not harm the trees much even if you would carve half a dozen houses in its stamp. This would not only look amazing, but also allow for protection from siege engines and the elements. no storm would devestate a settlement if the houses are part of the trees themselves. I do not see, why it would violate their morals.

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12/10/2018 7:02:04 AM #1

I believe the trees are Ironwood, so it is likely that they are very hard to carve.

I think Kypiq structures will be built upon tree branches and possibly around trunks with fallen timber and other non-living plant material. If there are available natural spaces within trunks, perhaps from decay of the internal wood, then those would be used as well. I don't think Kypiqs will make cavities in trees, but they might cut doorways to access pre-existing cavities.

Of course, this is all speculation.

12/10/2018 7:42:02 AM #2

Kypiq homes and buildings are placed upon mushrooms that grow around the tree. This then allows us to have walkways etc in the trees. There is a few pictures showing this.