Joining a family details?

Hey friends, while I was actively reading posts regularly for a while I cut down and was only reading the updates from staff, monthly letters etc. I am familiar with the older information about family codes and also recall something about being able to take over npcs if you have enough points etc. I was wondering if any more information came out about requirements when joining a family, let’s say someone gives you a code to their brother character and that person is a royal or duke and his brother would also be of this family and have a coat of arms and basically be a noble without any land etc. would you need to meet any requirements to take over that character if given the code or is this the way to kind of share the wealth?

I ask because you see an awful lot recruitment for towns/guilds/etc, but little with family. It makes sense because you don’t know family members you will have, but I would think loyalty to family would be more important than town/guild etc. and surprised not to see more of talks within community about it. just seeing If I missed anything or if this is still to come. Thanks!

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I don’t usually bump my own posts, but when I do I apologize. Sorry folks. Any info?

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Saw this when first asked but was hoping someone with some solid info would help you out. Sorry if it got overlooked friend!

So, I have not seen it printed, but yes I would imagine you still need the adequate story points required to take over a high ranking npc, even if you were given the code, (or be starting with a pledge package of adequate rank although this only applies to launch) otherwise Kings could just switch between two players with minimal requirements, and the system would be broken.

Recruitment for the most part is happening based on current titles held, and based on the fact that during Exposition while we are creating the world we can do a lot more.

For example, if a King was going to marry someone that had no pledge package, and effectively make them the Queen, this person could make a Ward for all it mattered, and when the King marries them in Expo they are still a queen, no questions asked. (Out of Expo too, tbh, although npcs might find it controversial)

A lot of people prefer starting their own families, and at this point in the game development this might be for the better, but there certainly is a market for a group of friends to come in and all be part of the same family as long as they met minimum requirements, or had the proper pledge packages to do so.

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Yeah I believe there was a dev blog that talked a little about that, I forget which one.

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