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~ Welcome to the Campaign for the “King of the South” and the Kingdom of ~


Welcome to my platform!

Hopefully the info below gives you an idea of the kind of monarch I would be and a fulsome overview of the kind of Kingdom I would like to create. Obviously a lot of this is subject to change as the game develops and we learn more information, but also subject to the input of any future Dukes and community members.

I am undertaking this campaign on a fresh account. I know that running a kingdom takes significant effort and I want that to be my sole responsibility. Should I be found suitable I will be looking to transfer my duke and count titles to others so I can further build the community and provide opportunities for others.

I would like to thank SBS for their dedication and drive in seeking positive outcomes for the Oceanus server while resolving the issue of the 4th Kingdom slot. This is an extremely exciting and generous event that will no doubt populate and add diversity to the server and I wish my fellow candidates all the best!

Note: It is my full intent to rename the Kingdom. Sokara is something that is associated with secrecy, deceit and apathy - values I do not hold. As such I hope to create something new and exciting, transparent in values and with open intent.

Caprakan Discord

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Caprakan Hype Vid

Preacher's OFM interview

Preacher's BBC appearance

On the King – The King of the South

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” —Max DePree

Who am I?

Most of you may know me as Preacher on discord, I have been involved in the OCE CoE community from about mid-late 2016. I started off with a Bloodline package after becoming instantly hooked on the kickstarter campaign and the vision that is CoE.

My obsession started with dreams of a modest logging company and enough land to establish a nice homestead with means enough for the occasional adventure. As I became more involved in the community my investment grew and my outcomes changed – I wanted to help others establish themselves and in doing so contribute to a prosperous and stable kingdom. This culminated in me paying off a Monarch package, unfortunately after discussion with Caspian, transfer of this into the 4th Kingdom slot was not possible and I support SBS’ event in full.

I am a firm believer in the team dynamic and the ability to accomplish when everyone joins together as one force to tackle an objective or goal. I would be expecting people in leadership roles, such as Dukes, to be taking active steps to contribute to our combined Kingdom and provide frank and fearless advice.

I also solidly support the concept of a meritocracy – that being utilizing and acknowledging (rewarding) those that contribute to the team or outcome. Leaders shouldn’t simply be those that can afford to position themselves in game, but those that display the drive to get their through their actions, and those that rise to the top through necessity or development.

What are my skills?

In gamer life I have always naturally gravitated, or been given, management/leadership roles in MMOs, starting with Ultima Online co-leading one of the larger Oceania guilds, to SWTOR (one of the first raid teams to down the Ravager on Harbinger), in STO (officer in first fleet to unlock T5 colony) to MWO (high ranking officer in the largest Merc Corp in OCE). While there have been others I highlight these four as good examples of how my skills have developed and are transferrable cross context and situation (UO being RPG, SWTOR being strategy and management, STO being co-ordination and large group motivation, and, MWO being FPS tactical direction and command).

Specifically in CoE I have accomplished the following:

  • I have been a key figure for OCE since the beginning. I was the third fully paid duke on OCE and paid off a monarch package before one of the official kings on Oceanus payed for theirs – I am dedicated to SBS's vision. I am not running because I ‘want’ something, but because I want to give something to our server. I want to help create a canvas that players can use to tell their own stories – an interesting place to play and visit, a unique dynamic.

  • I was pivotal in establishing two kingdoms, the Kingdom of Carpentaria and the Kingdom of Lor Voskara. I know what it means to get things up and running to create a place where people want to be and that works. I understand the immense work it takes and I am stepping up for a third time to do it.

  • I have the largest community within LV, and before that, the largest community within Carpentaria. I know what it means to get people involved in the game and get them excited to be a part of it. Building a community.

  • I stepped up, during a very difficult time for me, to deliver the ‘combined’ lore piece for the OCE kingdoms, going above and beyond just looking after LV. I made sure Kalgos (the king of Carpentaria) wasn't disrespected and that prominent neutral entities (such as Alleykat, host of Oceanus FM) had a place. For those that don’t know SBS requested each Kingdom submit some background lore – I did LV’s and a combined one for the Oceanus server with input from the other kings.

On the Kingdom - Caprakan

Caprakan’s location

Until domain selection is finalised this remains speculation and based on best information at the time. Currently we know the following:

  • Aequitas has committed to Brudvir/Hrothi, this rules out Kingdom 1;

  • Tylsia has suggested it wants Neran and believes Lor Voskara will select Kingdom 3, so this means should they want Neran, they are limited to Kingdom 2.

  • Lor Voskara wants Neran and has stated they will not place in Kingdom 1, so this leaves Kingdom 2 or 3 as their choice, the leftover to presumably be taken by Tylsia.

If this holds true it means that Caprakan will place in Kingdom 4, the southern-most Kingdom. Caprakan will comprise of the Janoa, To’resk and Dras. The biomes available will be:

  • Tropical Wetlands

  • Swamps

  • Tropical Rainforests

Should I be able to affect this outcome my preference is Kingdom 4 regardless.



“Janoan society is ordered around "the Hunt." Members of the tribe earn greater respect through their skill as a hunter and the trophies they acquire. They adorn themselves with pelts, claws, skulls, feathers, and teeth of their prey to show their standing in the tribe. When disputes arise among the Janoa, they are settled with a physical contest of skill between involved parties. The Janoa consider themselves superior to most other tribes whose members fail to display proof of their prowess in battle. This attitude, combined with the abundant resources and great dangers of the jungles has lead the Janoa to be rather isolationis”


“The To'resk, owing to the lessons learned from their environment - such as mistaking sinkholes for stable ground and alligator-infested ponds as safe fishing habitats - understand that nothing is as it seems. As a result, the To'resk have developed a profound sense of caution and patience, which is unquestionably their strongest trait. They think and weigh all options before making a decision, all the while reciting the To'reshian mantra of "Observe, Understand, Act." The To'reshian unwillingness to make assumptions and their more calculating, cerebral nature, has given the To'resk a reputation for being excellent negotiators and diplomats”


“Their religion and biome have a strong influence on the Dras culture, as they seek balance in their life and do things that other tribes would find repugnant. Rejected by others and prone to wounds if exposed to sun, the Dras developed a strong sense of community... The swamp rarely offers edible foods to the travelers and for most tribes, fever or illness. Still for Dras it's the perfect home as it provides them the unique black mineral, jet, bog iron, exotic plants and reptilian meat giving them economic stability”

Advantages of Kingdom 4

Unique playstyle

Above all else I see Kingdom 4, and hopefully Caprakan, as a place of extreme playstyle, much like Kingdom 1. This is a place where you will notice the biome and it will have a lasting impact on your day to day activities. I believe it will be immersive and impressive to behold, something other than the usual environments you encounter in MMOs. It will be harsh and unforgiving but also rewarding and extremely generous to those who persevere.

Steeped in primitive portrayals and enchantingly dark – I see Caprakan as an otherworldly location so foreign in its presentation and nature that it demands adventure. With the very environment working against the stranger, the many that try to encroach on its borders may not see beyond the brutal exterior to the cultured and structured society within.


In what lore has been released it is stated numerous times that the biomes within Kingdom 4 will be rich with resources:

  • “the nature of the wetlands leads to an environment which is rich in cultivatable land for both wet and dry agriculture…learned to capitalize on the diversity found in their biome by utilizing fully-submerged, partially-submerged, and fully-emergent land to create either farmable land plots or wetland plots for aquaculture and aqua-farming.”

  • “the Tropical Rainforest, while very dangerous, is also incredibly dense with impressive beasts. …[the] biome contains plentiful amounts of resources on which to subsist.”

  • “The To'resk trade Maize and the Milk of the Talonreed (a stimulant) for Janoan lumber, gold, alchemical solutions, and opiates.”

  • “The swamp … provides them the unique black mineral, jet, bog iron, exotic plants and reptilian meat giving them economic stability… The exotic flora make the field of alchemy a thriving one among the swamps, as well as additionally providing nourishment.”

  • “The resource rich nature of the Jungle means that the Janoans find that their needs are more easily met within their borders than without.”

It goes without saying that I would be looking for each member of Caprakan to harness and reasonably exploit these resources to drive economic potential within the Kingdom.

I believe the first step to this will be self-sufficiency through highly interconnected kingdom trade. Once achieved there can be increased, and clearly definable, trade with external powers to fill any shortfalls and drive profit in areas of dominance; bog iron and alchemical reagents for example.


It has been stated in released info that the biomes associated with Kingdom 4 will be hostile to invaders, primarily in the form of poison, disease, dangerous fauna, treacherous ground and inability to transport siege engines:

  • “The rain forest with its thick underbrush, poisonous plants, and predators is a harsh environment. It is a both a protection and a source of conflict for the Janoa. Each new season brings its own dangers: predators, locusts and other pests, landslides, and even drought.”

  • “The swamps … are inhospitable and decaying. The swamp rarely offers edible foods to the travelers and for most tribes, fever or illness”.

  • “The Swamp Wetland (Freshwater), while disease-ridden and toxic to most…”

  • “It's common to find natural deterrents like quickmud, poisonous plants and animals… on swamp borders.”

  • “In addition to the food provided by the wetlands, they also afford the To'resk a measure of safety, as the uneven and moist ground is difficult to travel through, and virtually impossible to bring large siege equipment across.”

While this isn't a safeguard against hostility, it does highlight that an attacker must be supremely determined, and prepared to suffer noncombat related losses, to invade Kingdom 4.

It is my intent that Caprakan should build on this natural security feature and enhance it. Traps, natural choke ways, encouraging the use of poison and disease warfare in both offence and defence – there should be no limitation when considering the safety and security of the kingdom.

Border with another kingdom

Sharing a border with a very established and large kingdom offers some advantages when viewed through the lens of friendship – primarily land based trade opportunities, mutual defence of the island and opportunity to engage in join endeavors. Caprakan will be unique in that it will share a land based border with Kingdom 3 right from game launch.

Serpent Iconography

Although the serpent is often associated with evil, ancient cultures saw the serpents’ place in the universe very differently. To these cultures the Serpent was frequently used to represent wisdom, regeneration, discovery of secrets, authority, good fortune and the elemental powers of air, water and earth.

To the native people of Australia the serpent is seen as a creator god and the bringer of seasons. A potent symbol as Australia is home to 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes.

Considering the above, the biome associated with Kingdom 4 and the tribes’ interpretation of the Faedin, Caprakan adopts the Serpent in various forms, as its iconography

On governance

I believe the dynamics of how the Kingdom will function will constantly evolve over time but can roughly be broken down to three stages:

Infancy – this is where the kingdom leaders are getting to know one another and learning to work together as a team. We will each have our own agenda and will need to build trust based relationships with each other to progress in the best interests of the Kingdom.

I believe this part of governance will rely heavily on me setting the strategic direction of the kingdom and making decisions based on limited feedback as everyone finds their footing. This will most likely mirror a traditional monarchy.

Adolescence – this is where we are more functional as a team and have become more comfortable with our places and where we fit into the grand scheme of things. I would expect that my leadership role transforms to more of a ‘first among peers’ context in terms setting directions and responding to the Kingdom’s needs.

I would hope by this stage the governance structure has turned into more of an oligarchy, where the dukes and I can reach consensus on items affecting the kingdom or its direction and deliver an agreed decision. I would not expect a complete removal of executive power but would hope this would be reserved in situations where consensus could not be reached, or, where insufficient time was available to consult/or consultation was incomplete.

Maturity – at this stage I would like to begin to decentralize power and have a more established and comprehensive charter by which decisions and outcomes can be determined. It would be my hope that exercising executive power would be codified and governed by the expectations of all levels of Caprakan society.

This stage would shape into a ‘constitutional oligarchy’, where diffusion of power throughout the Kingdom would be done, not by stripping dukes of their power, but by elevating (through election) a number of non-dukes into the decision making fold.

I don't know if this vision will be functional in terms of game mechanics, especially as we look to evolve to the more mature systems, nor do I expect there to be clean, cut and dry, transitions. The important thing to remember is that we remain flexible and adopt systems that are in the best interests of serving the Kingdom.

Governance forums

Circle of Heads

Membership: The Circle of Heads (CoH) consists of the Dukes of Caprakan, and later elected members of the community for specified time periods.

Remit: The CoH forms the executive power of the Kingdom and acts within, and with, the authority granted by the King of the South to address matters affecting Caprakan as a whole. As the governance structure matures it is my expectation that the executive powers of the CoH will be codified by a constitutional document that defines the limits of the CoH and its ability to exercise authority as mandated by community expectation.

Practicality: Initially the CoH will act in an advisory capacity to the King of the South, but as the governance system matures it is expected that the CoH will evolve to act as the decision making body that governs the kingdom as a collective.

Duty: CoH members will meet as required in the context of emerging issues, as required by the monarch or as suggested by 3+ members.


Membership: Elders are volunteers that are hand selected by the King of the South and later, the CoH, to advise on select matters. Members can be of any rank and may also sit in other forums, ie, be CoH members as well.

Remit: Elders advise in their specialty field, those being:

  • Treasurer – reports on Caprakan’s fiscal position, both in terms of revenue (tax) generation and expense outlay. Provides advice in relation to emerging fiscal pressures and likely financial outcomes of Kingdom investments or initiatives. IS active in monitoring the tax system and its effect on the populace.

  • High Priest/ess: advises on the state of the various religions practiced in Caprakan and any expectations that practitioners would have of the King of the South or CoH. Maintains a ceremonial role in the leadership of the dominant/state religion (if any) and advises on strategies to ensure harmony among sects.

  • War Master: reports on the current state of any conflicts by collating information gathered from all participating dukes, barons or troop leaders to present a cohesive strategic picture. Reports on the operations of the Serpent Warriors.

  • Envoys: Act as the first point of contact foreign kingdoms have with Caprakan, the CoH or the King of the South. Reports on emerging issues for their respective kingdoms and negotiates positions as decided by the CoH or King of the South.

  • Chancellor: Advises on the combined research and educational outcomes of the kingdom. Reports on the status of individual, guild/association and duchy research initiatives and their placement within Caprakan’s goals.

  • Chief Justice: Advises on and ensures transparency of the judicial system. Advises on consistency among judgements and records judgements made by magistrates throughout the Kingdom. May act as judge in matters involving dispute between CoH members or the King of the South.

Elders, while holding influential positions within the Kingdom, do not have executive powers and cannot act independently outside of a decision made by the CoH or King of the South.

Practicality: Elders are expected to have demonstrable skills relating to their desired field and the availability and dedication to meet the ongoing needs of the CoH and King of the South.

Duty: Elders will advise or report as required by the King of the South, CoH or as their individual responsibilities mandate, ie an Envoy is approached to negotiate an outcome.

Voice of the People

This is an open, town hall, like meeting that I would like to see happen on a quarterly basis or as required considering emerging issues for the Kingdom. I would envisage this being open to all community members where they would be able to ask questions of me or the CoH and receive real time feedback on any issues.


Each Duke is responsible for raising, training and maintaining an effective fighting force in consultation with their barons. These arrangements with not be micromanaged by the King of the South or the CoH and is up to each duke to manage.

In times of conflict, Dukes are expected to heed the Call to Arms issued by either the King of the South or the CoH and commit their force to the Royal Banner. The Royal Banner may, on authority of the King of the South or the CoH, project its force internal or external to Caprakan’s borders to eliminate any threat. The amount of warriors compelled to fight under the Royal Banner may never be more than would be required to mount a reasonable, combined defence of the contributing Duchy.

Additional warriors or kingdom resources may be directed to specific dukes should the need to defend strategic assets, such as resources, trade routes or choke points, be required. In these circumstances the affected duke commands the additional assets but may be required to submit to goals outlined by the King of the South or CoH. In areas of critical importance to the Kingdom all defensive assets are made property of the state with no loss of revenue, access or title to the owning duke.

During times of peace warriors should be used to maintain law and order and may be deployed to settle minor internal conflict as deemed appropriate by the owning duke and responsible barons. A duke should not amass warriors or increase military capability at the expense of infrastructure or Kingdom outcomes without the knowledge of the King of the South or CoH – this is in place to foster a relationship of trust and transparency within the CoH.

Serpent Warriors

The Serpent Warriors comprise solely of players that want to focus exclusively on PvP and will be equipped and maintained by the Kingdom. They are under the direct control of the King of the South and CoH by proxy of the War Master. They will be organized into units of various sizes to accomplish an unrestricted scope of PvP related tasks.

Foreign Relations

This is perhaps the one aspect of the game that we can make significant headway into now. ‘Chronicles of Discord’ is real and communities are shaping lasting impressions of each other, friendships are forming and deals are being put in place.

We need to make sure that Caprakan presents a strong front and any entity seeking to exploit our initial uncertainty with each other is quickly rebuffed with the promise of a unified kingdom. To that end once the dust settles on this event I will be working very hard with the CoH and related parties to ensure there is mutual respect and combined vision between us – there will be no place for bad blood, historical drama or ulterior motives.

I would like to have Caprakan enter that game on good footing with the other three kingdoms, accepting of non-kingdom entities, and, progressive in attitude toward multi-kingdom organizations. I will be working with the CoH to ensure this focus is prioritised and met to the best of our ability.

Understanding that not everything can be roses, when Caprakan is unable to come to terms with a hostile power, we must take a firm stance. Having come to a considered outcome there will be no room for second guessing or half measures. Conflict costs money and can have a lasting economic imprint, if it comes to hostilities or response must be unified, swift and devastating.

Lor Voskara - it is no secret I have a very deep friendship with Lor Voskara, its leadership, citizens and ethos. Make no mistake, Caprakan will be its own entity, acting in its own best interests, however my hope is we can harness my friendship with LV to our advantage. I would be looking to work with LV to establish a mutual defence pact in relation to the stability of our shared island, and, trade treaties to take advantage of our shared border.

Aequitas – Emery and I have a good relationship, sharing many of the same outlooks on the game. It would be my aim to build on this and look to establish lasting trade exchanges between the two ‘extreme’ kingdoms to our mutual benefit.

Justice System

Caprakan Law

  • All are born free and equal in dignity and rights;

  • All have the right to life, security and freedom;

  • All are to be recognized by the law;

  • No one should be subject to arbitrary punishment, detention or exile;

  • Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses;

  • Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others;

  • No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property;

  • Everyone has the right to access education;

Note that Caprakan law only applies to citizens of the Kingdom.

Local Law

All Dukes are free to set their own local laws so long as they announce such to the community and are transparent with enacting them. Once a duke decides to create a local law that law must be ratified. The ratification process is as follows:

  • The Duke will announce to the Kingdom his intent to establish a local law, thereby providing a forewarning to the community;

  • The law will be reviewed and debated by the King of the South and the CoH and advice will be provided to the Duke on the merits and potential outcomes of such a law;

  • Should the duke proceed the Chief Justice will review the law to ensure it does not contradict, hinder or otherwise invalidate Caprakan Law;

  • Should the law proceed an update will be made available to the community that it is to be ratified and come into effect within a specified timeframe.

The above process is in place to ensure maximum visibility and transparency throughout the Kingdom and community.


At the onset I will support Caprakan being a place of religious freedoms and empower the populace to worship as they see fit. As we develop I would also support a state sponsored religion but the influence and extent of such, if it would simply be a majority case or something more rigid, would be for the CoH to determine after extensive consultation.

We are also yet to learn of the benefits of religion, outside of role play immersion, and as such would need to adjust accordingly – this would be the remit of the High Priest/ess. We would have to weigh very carefully and gameplay mechanics that would result from a state religion, if any, and use them to our advantage.


I believe in acknowledgement and standing by those that are willing to stand by me. I would like to publically thank the following people for their support, it is truly humbling:

King Xaks, King Emery, Nobull

Duke Uriel Valentine, Duke Kov Generex, High Noble Remios, Duke Kalgos OG

Count Albrecht Marshal, Count Starsurnsoare, Count Roderic von Cain, Count ViperVII

Baron Alva Summerhall, Mayor Chef Senpai, Mayor Cadno, Baron Aurellion Kalmerus, Baron Sigil Brumaate, Baron Lothar Vrom

Fordacious, Mr Zarlfright, Krieg Arkantos, Compromised, Ineluki, Solarity, DerryFH

If you would like to add your name to the list, please let me know and I will update as soon as I am able. Thank you again!

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I like the look of this a lot. But, are we allowed to change the name of the kingdom?

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That's a real shiny forum post right there.

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Posted By Mulki at 7:03 PM - Mon Dec 17 2018

I like the look of this a lot. But, are we allowed to change the name of the kingdom?

The names aren't currently 100% set in stone to my knowledge.

This is a nice forum post Preacher, it is well thought out and very detailed

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Very well done!!

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Brilliant, definitely gotta be the place to be in OCE. Love it (even if it does have snakes).:)

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All the best mate!

Regardless of who wins this contest, what matters most is that the South is fun for our server :)

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Well while I'm normally for Knights and plate armour, the Aztec theme is definitely winning me over.

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Awesome post Preacher. You have my support, 100%

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You have my support on this Preacher.

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This looks great mate, i'm glad there is someone with such a grand vision for the biome and tribe (to'resk) that I found most interesting!

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An enjoyable read, for certain. You had me at snake iconography. Consider my support yours!

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Well while I'm normally for Knights and plate armour, the Aztec theme is definitely winning me over.

Then move South young one. You're allowed, you know.

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edit: who should we send coins to to support this campaign?

Send them to "KingOfTheSouth" if you wish to support Preacher :)

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