The Order [NA-W] Raiders of the Lost Vault

The Order

What is The Order?

The Order is an organization of technical specialists focusing on militaristic security of the Sunstone while allowing others the opportunity to research it. The Order would further utilize the Sunstone to help hunt supernatural creatures and other things that go bump in the night. (except your mom, just kidding. . . but seriously if your dad is a lantern mann we are probably going to kill him).

Who can join?

The Order will accept anyone who wishes to join the ranks of specialists to ensure the ongoing safety of the relic, and possibly other relics that I will obtain.

Can YOU really protect such a thing?

I have a double duchy and the resources to maintain such an item, and will be utilizing 3,500$ of my own money to ensure that this item is safe, and accessible within the duchy capital of Vandiir.

What happens if I place second?

I will use the fighting style to train The Order and provide them to the owner of the Sunstone in order to keep the item safe. I feel the Sunstone will play a large role in keeping Elyria safe against a force of darkness and that The Waerd can use this item to restore balance. I feel in fact that it is a gift of divine balance.

Final Comments

Although I am open to negotiations on how to better use this opportunity, I’m willing to collaborate. If you have any other questions, or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If you don’t wish to assist in this specific endeavor, thanks for the time to read and any input you may provide.

Would you like to support The Order?

If so, send Ancient Coins to Pteroguin

Thank you for giving me your time and attention in this venture.

We are looking for affiliates for this endeavor, if you are interested please place a comment on this thread, send me a message here, or on Discord.


12/21/2018 12:19:13 PM #1

It might be a good idea to attach a university to the order. Anyway, I love the idea.

12/21/2018 5:06:37 PM #2

I'm willing to pledge my shadow agency to help train such specialists; protecting public property and interests is one of their primary tasks to begin with anyway. And yes, love the idea as well. :3

12/21/2018 9:35:08 PM #3

Kant, I completely agree! The goal was to include other organizations that would want to study it. I feel allowing many people access to it under a secure setting means that the common researcher could have time with it. I added a portion about organizations becoming "affiliates". These affiliates would be the people to focus on the research/study portion of the Sunstone.

12/21/2018 11:12:27 PM #4

Well, that is good to know. I am looking forward to work with the order together, since I am interested to build a university.

12/22/2018 4:56:56 AM #5

Though your plans sound good, I find that you are basically trying to buy the win and thus robbing players who can't from the chance to win less respectable, additionally though just a matter of the order I have read things in, your idea seams repeated by others. Though, perhaps you had the idea first who knows.

To late now, but perhaps next time you would consider backing someone who has a greater need for the event or who the event would have a greater impact on rather then just throwing cash to have even more then you already have.

And for SBS, maybe they should make events where the rich can't just buy the win, most of us can't even try for these events because we don't have thousands of dollars to spend. It has soured many on the game already.

12/22/2018 5:19:38 AM #6

Kant, Of course.

Rizzen, I appreciate your candid response. Thank you for taking the time to express them. I openly admit how much I was willing to fund the endeavor to show that i'm serious about protecting it and allowing others to research it and interact with it. I'm more than willing to start dialogue on how to better use it, or to find a way to get it into the hands of others who you indicate it would have a greater impact on? Who are the people who have a greater need that I can assist? Looking forward to our future conversation regarding what I can do!

12/22/2018 6:07:13 AM #7

As a double duke I am sure you have plenty of people in your lands that could have really benefited from this that you could have supported.

This event rubs me wrong in that it places yet more cool story possibilities into the players hands that already have to many responsibilities.

Double duchy will take a long time to manage, now you might end with a triple or just wast the duchy and burn it for more EP to add to that huge pile you have.

No clue if your kickstarter or not but if you where then you likely already have an artifact to protect and enjoy.

Sorry I just can't get behind a player who just keeps buying more stuff because they can, since everything you buy to win is something your are denying someone else.

But this is largely on the devs, they need to make events where double duchies and top end players arn't allowed to win, let elyirians, counts and mayors hell even some of the lower end dukes have a chance for some glory. Though really I want to see more stuff allowed to be in the hands of those without piles of cash.

If you wanted 25K EP you could have just went and bought it. If you wanted another duchy you could have went and bought that to. But instead you drop that cash to ensure that those unable to go and buy such things have no chance of getting it...

12/22/2018 7:10:24 AM #8

Posted By Rizzen9 at 1:56 PM - Sat Dec 22 2018

To late now, but perhaps next time you would consider backing someone who has a greater need for the event or who the event would have a greater impact on rather then just throwing cash to have even more then you already have.

Dear Rizzen9,

Pteroguin made a proposal, how the Sunstone could be useful for everyone. And he proposed to be its custodian not its monopolistic user. Insofar, your argument that somebody could need this relic more is not convincing, since the needs of all are simply more important than the needs of any individual.

Posted By Rizzen9 at 3:07 PM - Sat Dec 22 2018

This event rubs me wrong in that it places yet more cool story possibilities into the players hands that already have to many responsibilities.

Well, it is your right to dislike this event, but Pteroguin is not the one, who has designed it. You should address your criticism towards SBS.

Best wishes,


12/22/2018 11:29:55 AM #9

I personally support the order and it's goals, you're welcome to send an outpost of monster hunters into my town any time, If you win the stone I'm looking forward to sending a team of trusted researchers to study it and I hope you have though of preparing a location with different areas above and below ground to use in the study of how the stone works and what it's full effects are. But the majority of my coins are going to the temple of the sun.

Being normal is vastly overrated!

12/22/2018 12:32:11 PM #10

Posted By Rizzen9 at 10:07 PM - Fri Dec 21 2018

Sorry I just can't get behind a player who just keeps buying more stuff because they can, since everything you buy to win is something your are denying someone else.

I'm going to touch on this because It seems the core of your discontentment The root so to speak. You look new here so forgive me if you haven't gained the Elyrian mind set yet, go delve the dev posts and read the lore pages and then come back when you know more about the game and have come up with ideas on what you as a player want to do with your time. If you haven't already done that. If have and still have these concerns then please allow me to elucidate you on your miss conception.

There is no pay to win in Elyria, the game is about finding enjoyment in the world and story.

This means that things people buy that are solo things or single artifacts aren't being denied as a resource for victory to other people. If you seek conquest even the lowest level Elyrian at launch can steal, fight, negotiate, and trade his way up the social ladder if that's his goal in the game all the way up to being the king of the country he started in or the one next door if he so chooses, Also nothing is free from theft, nothing, him winning this item doesn't mean it can't be given away or stolen from him.

That having been said I'd rather let him keep it or someone else who openly has a goal or plan for it. He plans on studying it and using it to fight monsters who hide in the dark. Great! that benefits the players who want to have a peaceful pastoral life of growing vegetables and grains in fields or mastering a craft.

Pteroguins' actions also benefit the players who want to adventure and fight monsters buy giving them a Mighty duke beseeching them for their aid in the battle against villainous dark beings preying upon the innocent! and thus the mayors who just want to play city builder and amusement park aren't really harmed because you don't need a relic for every temple, or every wonder of the world, it's just cool to have them some times.

Some mayors literally just want to build and manage a normal town filled with friends as a peaceful escape from irl where they get to feel a little more in-charge of life. You may have noticed that there are actually high level backers who aren't any more ambitious than being a gentry or a bloodline,

Originally the only reason I became a mayor tier backer was to get to an alpha access level not just outright sold in the store. So that I could get early access to the building tools to play with. Now I have plans for my mayor-ship, so I'm keeping it instead of handing it in for increased Ep and a blood line level backing. So yeah, if people think having something like a sunstone is paying to win they missing a key point in Elyria just having fun is winning.

Being normal is vastly overrated!

12/22/2018 7:46:04 PM #11

Duke Samsara,

The Guardians of the Sunstone pledge their support to you and The Order, should you become the caretaker of this precious relic. So much can be learned if we work together with the great minds of Elyria, unlocking the secrets of the Sunstone through research.

I look forward to the future and what we can accomplish together,

Countess Sellayne Darkholm

12/22/2018 7:50:30 PM #12


12/22/2018 7:54:17 PM #13

I get where you're coming from Rizzen, and I feel your concerns. The event could have been designed differently to give a fair shot to those who can't or wont' spend. But it is that way currently and if Pteroguin can afford it, why not? If he's one of the whales, he's one that I can get behind lol. Always kind, fair-minded, and helpful. If I weren't making an attempt at the duchy prize, my coin would go to Ptero for the Sun Stone prize. I'm confident that this guy will use it to the benefit of the many and not just hoard it.

12/22/2018 8:48:05 PM #14

I wanted to be CEO of Exxon, apparently they gave that to some rich dude......

Baron Neiph Cadfael

12/22/2018 9:53:11 PM #15


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I'll address as many points as I can!

I am a double duke and you are correct many people in my lands will benefit from this. However that's not all, you could, too. There are many ways to get involved should I win the Sunstone. We are looking to work with people, not against them. Join The Order if you wish to protect the Sunstone, or become a researcher who would have access to it. If you're with an organization you could become an affiliate. None of this is bound by Kingdom politics.

As for time management concerns you bring up. I have a leadership team (a full time duchess, recruiters, ambassadors, moderators, and counts all make up this leadership team) to assist in running my duchy (even as a double), and the multitude of things I wish to deploy as opportunities to both my localized community and the larger CoE community as a whole. You can read about my duchy by clicking on my banner.

I hope to be able to guard and provide many story opportunities to citizens of Elyria with the items that I obtain through this endeavor and others. This includes things like The Last Oasis where I have opened up working there to anyone who wishes to apply and provides a write up to explain what they'd do in those positions. If this is more akin to something you'd like please contact me, as plenty of story opportunities will exist there as well.

You mention that me winning it would deny it for others. As you can see above the intent is to share it by allowing access for research, and to further commit the military requirements to keep it safe long enough to continue to provide that access.

Please don't apologize I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. This allows me to address both concerns you've raised but possibly concerns of people who haven't posted. I look forward to continuing conversations so you can get to know me better and realize that I am community driven.

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