The Free Adventurers Association


The Free Adventurers Association is a discord server that aims to connect all solo adventurers and adventuring guilds from the Selene European server.

We have members from all five kingdoms, nobility drama and politics don't matter here. We want to create a social network between travelers all over the continent.

Everyone is free to join no matter their alignment, tribe or religion. Here social status and differences in playstyles don't matter. We are mainly looking for adventurers and gentry but if you are an aristocrat or a noble who wants to play as an adventurer (on your main or with an alt) you are welcome too !

We are the dungeon raiders, treasure seekers, good peddlers, wandering knights and traveling entertainers of Selene. If you live your Elyrian life on the roads you definitely want to join !


We are trying to gather all players interested in the adventurer playstyle on the Selene server, to form connections between Adventurers Guilds and solo players from all five kingdoms.

Our short term goal is to build a community around Chronicles of Elyria as we follow its development.

Long term we want our discord to become a source of information to find maps, share rumors, form groups for dungeon raiding and exploration, and trade unusual items.

How do we achieve those goals?

We will keep growing our numbers by advertising the discord server and registering more adventurers across all borders.

Before Exposition, we try to organize groups of players who share similar interests. (ex: A map trading company, a crew of sailors)

We seek as much information as we can about the geography and economy of the game and share it openly to help each others navigate this huge world and make the most of it.

Just hang out, discuss the Chronicles of Elyria news and events, have fun!


The association is not affiliated with any barony, county, duchy or kingdom. The Free Adventurers have no headquarters and each member is free to own property wherever he sees fit, free to join any other organization, free to associate and to start any business venture with whoever he chooses.

Acts of violence against association members are frowned upon and may earn you a bad reputation, but delivering justice is not the mandate of the association. All adventurers are responsible for their own safety. We do not act as a military force.

The golden rule is to respect the playstyles, beliefs and opinions of other members, the association is true neutral by nature.

The association will have volunteer administrators and moderators to make sure the discord server remains functional but there are no ranks or leadership, each member is his own man and it is up to each and everyone of us to help the community grow and prosper.

I created the discord server for the association, everyone is welcome to visit and chat about CoE. If you want to register as an adventurer and have access to the members only and cartography rooms you just need to let us know in the proper channel.

Will add moderators and additional administrators in the future as the server gets more crowded. See you there!

You can also register as an adventurer and follow the association on the Guilded App.

12/29/2018 10:02:52 AM #1

Love this idea.

3/13/2019 10:50:34 PM #2

We have reached 10 registered Adventurers on our discord, feel free to join us if you're interested in the Adventurer lifestyle on Selene (EU) or just want to chat about CoE!

9/14/2019 2:48:18 PM #3

An excellent idea, indeed!

And I think I might just have the perfect frat house for you guys and gals. Not far from campus, lots to do for thrill seekers in the immediate area, at a very affordable price and just with a little polish you should see a decent increase in value, too!

Need someone to run the tavern, as well. It’s pretty close by, so we could wrap it up in a bundle and you just buy both at a discount. Sooo, whaddyathinkin’?! ;)

10/7/2019 6:23:34 PM #4

If you represent an adventuring guild, be sure to join the discord we have a special communication channel for officers of different guilds who are interested in future cross-borders cooperation.