The Free Adventurers Association


"The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow, if I can."

–J.R.R. Tolkien

The Free Adventurers Association aspires to become a "no-strings-attached" gathering of Elyrians from all walks of life on the Selene [EU] server.

The goal of the association is to become a social network to help all the players interested in the Adventurer lifestyle and exploration. No matter their alignment, kingdom, tribe or religion.

Itinerant merchants, smugglers, preachers, burglars, wandering knights, bandits, treasure hunters, bards... All kinds of travelers are free to register with the association. No judgement on someone's past, their affiliations or their station in life, if you seek the thrill of adventure you are welcome to join.

Roleplay is encouraged, but not mandatory; to each his own.


Short term the focus will be on community building, following and discussing Chronicles of Elyria news and events.

The long term goal is to share information and maps, to form groups for perilous adventures, and to provide a structure for all those players who don't see themselves being village or city dwellers and who wish to play with different people. Ideally as our numbers grow we should have a vast network of adventurers ready to team up and offer assistance in all corners of Elyria for dungeon exploring, treasure hunting, monster slaying and all kinds of thrilling heroics.


The association is not affiliated with any barony, county, duchy or kingdom. The Free Adventurers have no headquarters and each member is free to own property wherever he sees fit, free to join any other organization, free to associate and start any business venture with whoever he chooses.

Acts of violence against association members are frowned upon and may earn you a bad reputation, but delivering justice is not the mandate of the association. All adventurers are responsible for their own safety.

The golden rule is to respect the playstyles, beliefs and opinions of other members, the association is true neutral by nature. Our motto is freedom of speech, independance and brotherhood between members.


The association will have volunteer administrators and moderators to make sure the discord server remains functional but there are no ranks or leadership, each member is his own man and it is up to each and everyone of us to help the community grow and prosper.


Members should help each others in time of need. For example it may be customary to offer hospitality if a fellow adventurer comes through your hometown and is looking for shelter and food. It's nice to have friendly faces in every settlement.

Concerning loot sharing;

When adventuring as a team, if all the party members come to an agreement between themselves, they are free to organize however they please.

If they do not agree to any particular terms, or cannot reach unanimity, the following will apply to resolve any conflict:

Each party member will receive an equal share of the loot. If by its nature the loot cannot be split between each adventurers, its value will be estimated by an impartial expert then sold. If one of the party member desires to keep the item for himself, he can choose to buy the shares of his partners.

This expert tasked with estimating the price of an item could be a future role within the association for trustworthy members who are willing to dedicate time to this activity and have extensive knowledge about the game and its economy.

I created a discord server for the association, everyone is welcome to visit and chat about CoE. If you want to register as an adventurer and have access to the private channels just let me know and I will give you a role. Will add moderators and additional administrators in the future if the server gets more crowded. See you there!

You can also register as an adventurer and follow the association on the Guilded App.

12/29/2018 10:02:52 AM #1

Love this idea.

3/13/2019 10:50:34 PM #2

We have reached 10 registered Adventurers on our discord, feel free to join us if you're interested in the Adventurer lifestyle on Selene (EU) or just want to chat about CoE!

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