County of Drachenhafen

County of Drachenhafen

The County of Drachenhafen is famed for it's explorers and navigators of the stormy seas surrounding the Kingdom of Aequitas. Being located in the heart of the royal Duchy of Kybourne. the county serves as one of the backbones of the Naval sector of Aequitas, in specific the navigational and commercial aspects, it's also to be home to the Royal Aequitari Naval Academy in which fledgling cadets embark upon their base education and begin to flesh out what pathway they wish to follow in the navy, whether that be the militaristic Royal Navy, Navigational&Commercial or Privateering.

Being the center of naval education, they work closely with and rely on the County of Vanaheim as they're home to some of the most developed and innovative shipwrights, and advanced and productive shipyards in the entire kingdom, if not the world. The two counties work in tandem and together are responsible for the upkeep and progression of the Royal Navy.

If Navigation, charting unmapped seas and trade routes, perhaps even new lands, or mastering trade routes and sea faring techniques is something you'd like to contribute towards or see yourself flourishing in then perhaps Drachenhafen is the place for you, as it can be quite the lucrative trade in a world that is a great archipelago as well as fufilling for those with an adventurous and industrious spirit.

Contact Count Maegor (Scion) for any inquiries.

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