[APAC] County of Tlatucoatl


The province of Tlatucoatl is located on the border of the tropical rainforests of the South and the Wetlands of the To’resk, ruled over by a clan of Janoan Warriors and Hunters. Their cities and towns are small and focus on being islands of safety in the otherwise treacherous surrounds. The men and women of Tlatucoatl don’t mind this hostile environment, on the contrary they thrive and take great pride in their ability to survive.

The Rings, as the settlements are known, are often collectives of focused occupation and industry. An oddity within Caprakan there is even a To’resk settlement that pays homage to the ruler of the province, despite the majority Janoan population.

The Lord of Tlatucoatl:

Janoan Jaguar Warrior

Ha'kar the Hound before his ascension to the Mar'xhal at the Battle of Green Fen.

Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to read my post. This is obviously still a work in progress as I’m having to make pretty dramatic changes due to the change in Tribe and Kingdom that has come with the switch from Lor Voskara to Caprakan. Thanks to my amazing team of Mayors I’ve managed to build this initial post fairly quickly now that Caprakan is official, and a massive thank you to those that supported our campaign, hail to the King of the South.

So for those who don’t know me, I’m Marshal and I’ve been involved with CoE since October 2017. A relative newcomer by some standards, but in my time here I’d like to think I’ve been more help than hindrance to Xakorai and Preacher as a member of Lor Voskara. My main strength is in writing and in command. I’ve managed to build a modest community in the time I’ve been paying off my County package and write some decent short stories of my original character.

I have naturally gravitated to mentor/leadership positions throughout my life. In terms of online gaming I have often been an officer and guild leader in games like World of Warcraft where I was a Roleplayer who participated in and orchestrated some of the largest RP-PvP events in the history of WoW.

Outside of games I’m a teacher in both my profession and my hobby. My Hobby is the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), within the SCA I am a Squire, and am a dedicated armoured combatant. For the better part of a decade now I’ve trained, fought and taught the arts of European martial arts, I’ve led forces from squad to company size in large scale medieval combat simulations.

This is essentially a long winded way of saying I am here to build the Kingdom and community to the best of my ability and ensure all those who live in Caprakan and Tlatucoatl have the game experience they want, myself and my mayors are here to help you achieve your in game goals whatever they may be.

Our Goals and Ambitions:

  • To secure a coastal county on the border of the Rainforest and To’resk Wetlands during Domain Selection.

  • To build a self sufficient County and support the construction of several town sized settlements.

  • To foster a community of diverse and skilled players of every rank who will contribute to Caprakan’s success.

  • To ensure NPC Mayors and Barons are replaced by deserving players in the initial years immediately after launch.

Locations in Tlatucoatl:


The capital city of Tlatucoatl, Quetza is the seat of power for the Mar’xhal clan and a powerhouse of the region. Known as the “Divine Rings” for the Janoan City plan and it’s high number of profession temples.

It is designed to withstand siege and be self-sustainable in the any event that would see them cut off from the outside world.

-The Central Political District: The home of power in the city, the Mar’xhal Temple and the home of Lord Ha’kar reside here, along with the offices of the city’s officials and the barracks of the Lord’s personal guard.

-The Inner Ring: A place of extreme wealth and privilege, the Inner Ring contains the homes of Quetza’s most prominent and powerful citizens, all men and women of ambition aspire to live here. It is home to great warriors and powerful Merchant Princes alike. It also features a fully appointed guest house for Ducal and Royal visitors.

-The War District: This large district houses the growing military of Caprakan with several companies stationed in the city at any one time. It houses Temples of all the great Warrior Spirits such as the Tiger, Crocodile and Eagle. It is here that the professional warriors train under the tutelage of each temple, some going on to become full devotees and acolytes.

-The Internal Agriculture District: A series of large farms within the walls of Quetza, the internal Agriculture district houses the Lord’s most trusted food and livestock providers with enough crops and livestock to keep the city fed for several months. All farmers dream of being entrusted with such a sacred duty and position.

-The Mercantile District: This is the business district of the city, all merchants keep their shops here and do a roaring trade, it is also the place of business for taverns and inns.

-The Housing District: The homes of the bulk of Quetza’s citizenry are built and maintained here within the safety of the city walls, while being on the outermost ring it is still a reasonably middle-class area as the poor tend to live in the Foulburg outside the city walls where they must rely on the Lord’s patrols to keep them safe from the Jungle’s dangers.

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I like it, especially as we have a name too. Yeah!! And may the Qin To'ran bless you in all your endeavours. (even if you are Janoan). My lord.

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Updated with settlement info, there will be more to come as I finish each new section.

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Coming along nicely Marshal. I like the city layout, it gives a good indication of the focus of the settlement.

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