Tarka's Constructs and Insights to Elyrian Designs

Greetings everyone, I am in the process of creating a channel for my character and in it I will be doing a lot of things. I intend to share my skills and talents, painting my vision to Elyrian life. Hope you enjoy.

1/29/2019 8:35:29 PM #1

The Duchy of Sarnur

The duchy of Sarnur Is Inspiring and Grand
Hidden deep within the land
Fortresses with tunnels
Castles, Markets, and Villages too
All skills come together Fabricating a home Just for you
Learn a trade learn a few
Dig and mend the earth you view
Craft and build a land anew
Sarnur is alive a star shining bright
Core beats strong and full of might
Guardians hiding within the night

1/29/2019 9:00:45 PM #2

that is glorious i hope we can see more of your work soon :)

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