types of attacks?

are we only going to have the standard arts of fighting or are things going to get pretty interesting? like we know that fist fighting and fighting with different types of weapons are going to be a thing but what about, say, to'resk using their razor sharp teeth to bite a chunk out of their enemy? or kypiq jumping onto someone and just going ham with a dagger?

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1/11/2019 3:31:42 AM #1

It's unlikely to have that much detail. Its difficult to make those kind of maneuvers adapt to all the different shapes and sizes of mann. I still hope we see some neat moves in the higher skill brackets.

3/16/2019 11:03:54 PM #2

There will be different attack types, but it's likely int he form of "Blunt", "Slash", "Pierce".

Armor that is effective against one type isn't necessarily effective against another type.

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