As there is only one EU server how will we all handle multiple languages in various kingdoms?

I ask because I used to be heavily into Eve Online and I was part of a corp that was very international. We had members from Russia, France, and Germany along with English speakers as well. After a while, everything broke down. This was due to different people at different levels of leadership not being able to communicate with each other due to the language barrier. I don't want to join a kingdom or duchy only to find out no one speaks English and I can't communicate with anyone. I have enough problems with social anxiety as is lol.

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Honestly, a fantastic question.

Typically a lot of responsibility is being put on the shoulders of the community to handle these things. But I think they would miss out on many good people if they took that mindset on this issue.

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I'm not sure how other kingdoms are handling it, but within Nirath we have English as a lingua franca - like most international communities; but also have duchies and communities established around groups of players. So we have a Spanish community and duchy, German community and duchy, etc etc. This way, those who do not speak English or who are not confident speaking what English they know (which should not be expected of anyone) have a community to support them, and internal leadership who can communicate on their behalf, and will be playing in their own area of Nirath where a significant chunk of the local playerbase will speak their native languages, or at least have people who can translate things for them.

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Go to the USA server .

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Hoi Lorddps,

Most communities have English as their main language, the languagebarrier will always be there. But everywhere their are people that speak your language of choice.

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Spank the english?

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Join a kingdom, duchy, etc. that only speaks English or what ever language you speak. That's probably the easiest and most practical option.

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What Nirath is doing is great!

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Just speak neran ;)

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there are national communities for German, French, and Portuguese people as far as I know. I do not see why not all the i.e. polish players would not come together in one county. for multilingual communication and communication between groups, I think English will serve us well. And if you are a count who does not speak it, paying a player in game to be your translator would be viable.

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I quite like the idea of needing to traverse a whole Duchy that predominately speaks another language, just like IRL.

Will add a whole new element to the game.

But NPC will only sprechen sie english.

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It is a very good point.

As i see it, it can become a very good occasion to learn a new language. You could make the lore around your character stating he is from a foreign country speaking another language. As you live and work in your community you learn their language and start to talk like them.

As for the real life, learning a new language is trully very worthy.

I guess that if you wanna play this game which isn't meant for impatient people like on other mmo ( wow ? :p ) So you will be patient enough to see that even the language barrier can be cut trought quite fast if you are dedicated to your community :)

I talk from experience on Eve as well, as supervisor in an alliance I started to know basics of 3-4 new european languages in less than 6 months. I m sure you can do as much if you got the passion and the will to live in Elyria <3

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I actually intend to use this opportunity learn some German and France (and any other language i can) when i hang with my EU community.

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Don't worry, here in the US where most speak English I have a difficult time understanding many people, welcome to the club.


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Posted By Kyleran at 1:07 PM - Tue Apr 09 2019

Don't worry, here in the US where most speak English I have a difficult time understanding many people, welcome to the club.


Well american english is such a hodge podge of regional differences. It can confuse anyone! lol

I also think what Nirath is doing is awesome and if I alt on EU they just won me over possibly.



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As said before, the people will likely join communities of their own language. This actually makes the European servers quite interesting! Very much so like the real world. Different languages would exist throughout the land!

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