The Pathfinders of Elyria (name may change)

Hello all Seekers of Knowledge and Adventure!

INTRODUCTION: My Name is Tyr Stormgaze of the Clan Stormgaze! Which is just going to be my first in game name haha! The name my friends call me is Cale and I have a small family of my wife and two children! I work full time as a night time Guard so I'm more of a vampire than anything haha and I seek....well, Seekers!

INFORMATION: I'm creating a Guild of Pathfinders, which if your unfamiliar with the tabletop game, is a group of individuals who seek to Chronicle the History of the world and be adventurers at the same time, and that's what I want to do with CoE but more of a Librarian with a sword! Now, I bet you asking yourself, "why the actual unholy nine hell's would I want to be a traveling librarian!" Well good news! Only one of you per 5 man group would be the traveling Librarian! The rest would be layers of low! Slayers of slaying! And yada yada. You would be fighters simply put and even the Liberian would not be a simple old man in a robe! But a warrior as well! He/she would just be a fancy warrior that reads and writes! But I'm not needing JUST warriors! Knowing how to fight is just survival on the open road. But anyone who wishes to do anything is welcome! So fear not! We arent just brutish fighters who slam heads into walls! That costs too much in repairs.....

CURRENT LOCATION: Now currently I'm in the kingdom of Riftwood and cherish my brothers and sisters there, but eventually I wish to be more "free standing" and neutral with ALL the kingdoms so that we may pass between boarders and Chronicle all that happens! now this doesnt mean you have to cut ties with anyone! That simply means we will be neutral politically and not bring tension and strain into delicate matters of states and nations. AKA we dont talk about or too another kingdom with any information that is sensitive about another kingdom, We are there to record not cause political discourse!

VISION: My vision for the Guild is simple. I want Chronicles of Elyria to be my Star Wars Galaxies! And I want to record it! And yes I am wanting to do this for the entirety of the first lifespan, rather that be 10 years or less. Now that seems like I'm asking for a 10 year commitment, while that would be nice, I'm not asking that. I'm asking for a group of people who wish to be a small (at first anyways, we will see about the future!) Group and make good friends and gain the most from CoE! But one if the most important aspects of this Guild/Clan/whatever-it-is is to make sure that the leadership is kind, precise, and above all else! With Integrity. Which means during the first 3 months of the release of CoE we will hold a vote for Guild leaders and leadership! I might be starting it but I want us to succeed! So if that means someone else is more capable and better than I and with a clearer vision of success, then I want to make sure that they are were they need to be! You probably have the question of, "why do you want to collect all this ingame history? Isnt just going to be destroyed at the end anyways?". Well here's the thing, I want to put all of it that we gathered on the fourms. All. Ten. Years. All of it! For the first run, I want to post all the information that we gathered and let it be for the community too see for NA-W! That's a big dream but you have to have an end goal for any major thing you want to undertake!

ENDSTATEMENT: I hope this interests some of yall and hopefully we become a tight group of friends! I will say that hopefully I can get the attention of all the kingdoms leaders and make a good understanding with them that we just want to view history and record it in all of its Honesty! Now with that being said I NEED people of Integrity and of a kind nature. Now that doesnt mean we take anything from anyone. We are kind but dangerous! We are warrior poets and that's how we need to be! If any of this interests you, message me here and I'll send you a discord invite and we can chat and see if this is where you want to be!

Very Respectfully,

Tyr Stormgaze of Clan Stormgaze AKA Cale

3/30/2019 6:08:34 AM #1

I like this idea. I endorse it -Nythic Silvaneste

4/13/2019 5:29:07 AM #2

We shall be the writers of the history books

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