To'resk potential duchies


With DSS around the corner I hear, I am aiming for myself + my group to settle in any To'resk lands with my county. With the whole duchy reservation for their counties and all, I guess it is only fair if I announce my plans for settling within a duchy that resides in any lands I am interested in.

I am unsure if the savannah or wetlands To'resk will differ or not, but so far either is on my radar. It depends on location I suppose, but if there is a duke out there interested in aiming for one, I wouldn't mind speaking with them prior in regards to settling in their land.

I am a freelance Count (weaponmaster pledge) with a few mayors/barons under me, plans for what we will focus on is still up in the air due to our transition from leaving another kingdom due to leadership shift.

But if you would like to contact me, feel free to message me on Discord.



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Kingdom selection is rather a crapshoot on Angelica. And without that being known, duchy selection is unknown. You are probably better off waiting until kingdom 4 or 5 is selected and then do some quick legwork to connect with some of the dukes. (I’m a committed count and I don’t even know where we will end up and have to accept not being sure of the tribe.)

That said, Scuttlebutt says Blackheart has its eye on Kingdom 5 with the Savannah To’resk.

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Kingdom 6 also has a To'resk biome.

Beathan's scuttlebutt is true to the best of anyone's knowledge, except perhaps the inner circle of Blackheart nobility. (They could be attempting to pull a fast one on everybody else, after all.)

4/1/2019 3:21:38 PM #3

There are 3 To’resk biomes, To’resk is the most spread tribe after neran. (Neran is the only tribe with 4 biomes).

So you’ll be fine in half the kingdoms, 4, 5 and 6. As long as you pick a kingdom that wants to go south you’ll be able to pick To’resk.

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4/3/2019 5:22:27 PM #4

Well met, Rieko! We are actually looking for a Count to uphold the To’resk settlements. I’ll contact you on Discord.

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