Order of the Dark Horse

The Order of the Dark Horse

The Order of the Dark Horse is based in the NA/E server & is recruiting Allies from ALL servers. It will be a relationship of mutual exchange of information & services. If the need arises, whether our Ideals are the same or they differ for one reason or another, we can call on each other, as long as these needs don't go against our own code ethics. We do not judge ones own code & this is not a morality contest. It is a partnership based on completing the mission we have set out to do. If you feel you have to get something done outside your purview, or need to get into places you can't go, you can request assistance from the Order, as long as you have something to give in exchange. It's not always about coin, sometimes it's about reaching a mutual goal.. The exchange of information & certain services is open to all, but due to the need for discretion & loyalty, we only plan to work side by side with honorable groups & individuals that we can put our trust in..

To request of offer assistance visit our Discord #allies channel

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