Hello Selene Server

Hello for all people of Selene Server! I just come to say you how much fun we will have for the Freeman Tavern in our wonderful server! I will have many happy talks with all of you soon!

4/9/2019 8:47:48 PM #1

Hey, nice of you to introduce yourself.

The way things look right now the grasslands (and thus the Free Mann if I am not mistaken) are likely to end up with Al-Khezam. If you aren't already in our Discord please do come by for a warm welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you there and meeting you ingame, if everything goes smoothly.

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4/9/2019 10:38:42 PM #2

Charley Barleymann,

Welcome to Selene! Good luck with the tavern!


4/10/2019 1:30:52 PM #3

I'll stop for a drink if I ever pass by.

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4/26/2019 11:53:32 PM #4

Thank you for the replies! Soon we shall know the kingdom to be my home and the Freeman Tavern home. Also, we shall know where will be the Towne of Freemenn

4/27/2019 1:46:29 AM #5

Now if we only knew who owns the first Tavern now, the one in the desert XD

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4/30/2019 6:04:27 AM #6

The "Free Mann" will be a good point to meet and rest for all pilgrims of the flame.

House Pyrros

4/30/2019 5:44:54 PM #7

I will definitely stop for a pint of ale and a chat during my travels.

4/30/2019 6:21:29 PM #8

After hard day of smithing, pint of ale is drink of gods.

7/28/2019 7:49:29 PM #9


I heard you may be a legendary tavern owner. I'm the Free-Mann Tavern own on Luna!

I need to talk to you about a Forum Post that regards to every legendary tavern being made. Please contact me through Forum Mail or Discord. Ill be sending the information your way.

8/31/2019 5:48:26 PM #10

Will be nice to see you in Al'Khezam, Charley Barleyman. I'll make sure to come by for a drink at the tavern since there is big chance we will not be that far away from each other :)

9/1/2019 8:59:53 AM #11

Welcome in Al'Khezam!

9/22/2019 11:29:26 AM #12

Do we now know the exact location of the tavern?

9/22/2019 1:52:07 PM #13

Nice to finally meet our servers Tavern owner :D

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9/22/2019 2:12:04 PM #14

Posted By Winston_Goodman at 12:29 PM - Sun Sep 22 2019

Do we now know the exact location of the tavern?

We know its in North West grasslands duchy of AK

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