[Simulutunum] What's Your Story?

He wiped the sweat and blood from his brow and bent at the waist exhausted. Hot breath was expelled from his body in torrential huffs that were followed by sharp and painful inhales. Every muscle was screaming in agony, screaming to have the burden of holding up his body released. They ached for reprieve, peace that would never come. He stood immobile, while his brain processed the many muffled sounds that filled it. One word grew stronger and stronger. “Germanicus!” a man yelled as he swiftly approached. The tall man’s muscular legs propelled him across the divide between the two men, at an alarming speed.

The exhausted man raised his sword, preparing for the incoming attack. ‘Germanicus?... I’m Germanicus,’ he thought. Germanicus lowered his sword, thankful that he came to before separating his friend, whom approached, from his head. The fog in Germanicus’s head started to clear and he could remember. He had taken a blow to the right temple of his helmet; a blow strong enough to put him on his knees and remove his helmet.

“Are you alright sir? We won, it’s over,” the soldier exhaled to Germanicus.

“Fine, fine,” Germanicus replied in a labored, breathy tone. He squinted in pain as he surveyed the carnage around them. Lupus Magnus lay dead on the horse cart, run through with two spears and an arrow in the left lung. Lupus died in agony. To the right lay cousin Brutus Magnus. Brutus had taken a sword to the stomach and back, but what killed him was the slash to the back of his neck. His body, sword riddled, lay atop two expired enemy soldiers.

Germanicus surveyed the area and noted that only a few Magnus men had been killed and the family had killed the 23 would be assassins. They were lucky the damage wasn’t worse considering they were outnumbered and caught off guard. In total, the Magnus family lost 9 members. He wished he could order the men to rest, but they had to move on. There was no guarantee that there were not more pursuers. With heavy hearts, they gathered themselves together and made ready to continue their perilous journey.

The history of Simulutunum and the Magnus family is long, complex, and filled with notable people, both friends and foes. Which are you?

Join the story by talking to Tiberius Titus Magnus or Voldis Veritas Magnus of Simulutunum County in the Conclave of Arituar Duchy.


Tiberius: SpartanATL#9532

Voldis: SirVolopt#5723

Friend Code: ID3641