Three Mayor Titles

I have three mayor titles. I know if I bundle them together, I will receive additional parcels and such when I eventually claim my settlement.

What happens if I don’t bundle them? Do I get to pick three? Or would I lose two of them?

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I think you’re confusing the bundling.

Bundling bundles one title and everything that goes with the title so that you can transfer that single title to another person.

If you have 3 claimed titles, then those titles will be merged when you select for domain and settlement selection, you don’t get a choice to select multiple.

Currently you can either select a settlement and have it increase in size, bundle one or more of your titles and send them to someone else, or trade the title in for more EP.

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To be clear, you can not pick 3 settlements. Claim/Merge them before you select a settlement, trade them to someone else, or turn them in for very minimal EP.

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I still look for a mayor titel!

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This is really late but do you still have a mayor title that you would sell?

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Nope~ Cause that would be against ToS

12/7/2019 10:28:16 AM #6

maybe you can offer it ;) :p

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Come, step into my office......

Edit: I'm joking.

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Posted By Ancient Ivy Mountain at 11:21 PM - Fri Dec 06 2019

This is really late but do you still have a mayor title that you would sell?

You can't obtain add-on mayor titles anymore, but in case you didn't know, there is still one more chance to claim a settlement and that's during the Settlers of Elyria (SoE) dutch auction. There are still a lot of unclaimed settlements in the game, so just check out the map, find one you like and wait for the SoE launch date announcement. All you need to participate is a bloodline package, which can still be purchased from the store.

12/19/2019 2:43:57 PM #9

Launch date is here

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