Goldhammer Trading Company

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Who are we?

Goldhammer is a trading company with aspirations to have a presence world wide. Here at Goldhammer we work with and for you. Need a secure way to purchase and transport goods? Need some cash to start up a new shop? Or maybe you need help finding someone to sell your handmade goods too. Whatever you need Goldhammer is here to help.

Where are we?

Angelica (NA-W). Headquarters are based in Drast, located in the duchy of Le Clair, which is in the Kingdom of Ashland.

What we hope to accomplish.

At the end of the day we are here to help you make the most profit. To that end we edit every contract to work with what you need and what we can do to help. Our members will have access to a vast array of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Crafters will always have a place to sell their items at market value
  • Contracts with other guilds! For a small monthly fee based on guild size we offer benefits for your members! Including:
    • No fees on transportation of goods
    • Purchase items at a cheaper price (even more so in bulk!)
    • Sell items to us for an increased price
  • Waged contracts are offered on a case by case basis, but always beneficial to you!

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We are currently recruiting:


Make a definite wage and get a leg up in the world! Travel all over the kingdom on the company’s dime! Room for promotions if you desire to stay with the business. Don’t have a Goldhammer shop in your town and want to start one up? Contact us and we can get together and make that happen!

  • Be in charge of the sales of more common materials that everyone needs.
  • Build up relations with the people of the town and make a name for yourself.
  • Be the forefront of recording what items are popular and are in high demand.


We offer two different types of contracts: Loyalty and Employment.

Loyalty contracts:

  • You buy materials from us, and we will buy your product.
  • Great way to level up your crafting and to gain proficiency with little to no cost.

Employment contracts:

  • We give you the materials needed to craft, and you give us product you produce.
  • No cost to do, and you make a steady wage based on your proficiency and the amount of items you produce. *Some restrictions apply


We are in need of people with strong leadership traits. Help us to manage and maintain shop locations all over the kingdom.

  • Increased wages depending on the amount of work handled.
  • No direct contact with buyers, but you will be in charge of making contracts.
  • Keep well-articulated records of expenses and ensure that we are a well-oiled machine.


In order to ship items to shops or other auction houses we need people to transport.

  • Not limited to purely transporting duties, guarding positions are also available.
  • Work hard to deliver in a timely fashion to ensure reliable transportation times.
  • Willing to contract with 3rd party transport services.

Auction House Attendant:

We need people at each location who will be in charge of running auctions. This includes receiving and storing items, as well as communicating directly with buyers and sellers.

  • Make a defined wage hourly while in operation.
  • Be in charge of on the fly price judgments as pertaining to auctions.
  • Handle the exchanging of money and items.

Our Team

Guild Head: Quasii of Goldhammer

Financial Advisor: Atlas of Der Schuldige



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Kingdom: Ashland, Duchy: Le Clair, County: Taalgrimm, Goldhammer: Goldhammer

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