[Selene] City of Môrcanì

City of Môrcanì

Welcome to the City of Môrcanì. Môrcanì is a City located in the western part of the Capital duchy: Myrkland, in the Kingdom of Tryggr. The region around the city is made of broadleaf forest and seaside beaches.

The city of Môrcanì has grown up next to a river. This river is its lifeblood, providing a wealth of trade to the town. Looking out from Môrcanì's city walls man can see green planes stretching out, with many a traveler going down its roads. peace and safety can be found in this region due to the entrance into Myrkland being guarded by a fortress.
The peace and prosperity in the region due to vigilant patrols by the fortress of Skarhelm led to a sister city called, Ruarden being built on the opposite side of Môrcanì's riverbanks.

With the amount of trade gathering in the region, a road was needed connecting to the rest of myrkland and thus Môrcanì was connected to the Myrkland road. Given it not only the potential to become a trading post for the south of Tryggr, but also to become a distribution point between the north and south of the kingdom. Due to the wide range of goods and resources flooding through Môrcanì a wealth of crafting professions have sprung up in the city.

For its continued existence the city of Môrcanì has heavily invested into its shipyard, harbor, warehouses, infrastructure and crafting stations.

We are proudly part of the Kingdom of Tryggr on the Selene Server.

Tryggr in CoE terms is a PVP focused kingdom where everyone is obliged to learn how to defend themselves. That doesn’t mean we expect you all to march to war at the tip of a hat. That does mean we expect you to defend yourself and that which you wish to hold.

Tryggr is more than a kingdom, we are a community that loves to have fun together, on and offline.

If you want to learn more about the Kingdom of Tryggr check out the website, Forum post and discord.

The city of Môrcanì is located in Myrkland, as one of 12 Duchies within Tryggr will first and foremost set out to provide sustainable economic support to the Kingdom, in addition to maintaining a unique & specialized military battalion honor-bound and loyal to the King & Queen.

Myrkland will also house the Capital of Tryggr. Providing a secondary defensive line against invasion's, while providing for the main defensive line as well. Myrkland has ranging forests and wide beaches, providing for a wealth of resources and trade.

Mayor Môrcanì

The mayor of Môrcanì is the current head of the Môrcanì house. he is an experienced captain who commanded his own fleet of ships. His father started as a simple sailor but when his captain died gained command of the ship. Soon after he became a well-known trader. when he became older he left all he had to his promising son. His son didn't want to just roam the seas all his life without having a place to truly call his home. Thus he started his own city, on the bank of a river that has the potential to become an important trading route between the north and south of Tryggr


All information above is subject to change as the game is still in development and will be altered when and as SBS release new information. More information will be given after DSS.

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