Guild house?

So a friend bought a guild house a long time ago, assuming guilds were going to be similar to WoW. He now realizes that Families are the closest analog to that. Unfortunately, now we're in a county that doesn't have any established guilds, and no real need to start one.

What are his options? I don't think he can refund digital items, even if it was to just get other in game items... Could we gift it to our Count and he can put it in the capital in case we do get a guild? I honestly don't know exactly what a guild house even does, an internet search wasn't immediately forthcoming.

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I dont see any reason why you couldn't just use a house differently. Sure, the guild house is perfectly outfitted to be used by a guild. But if you fit some additional walls and change furniture, nothing stops you from living inside with your family.

But yea, if you still want to use it as a guild house, you can gift it to someone or build it in Exposition whereever you want to use it. you might even sell or rent it to others.

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If you mean the Guild Hall Kit it is basically a building with a large common hall and entrance foyer on the first floor, crafting bays in the covered back patio and a large basement. The second story contains 6 rooms to use as office or meeting spaces and the kit comes with a blueprint.

It can be used for other things than guild house too so you could just keep it. Another option is to trade it with someone for other items.

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It’s just a building dude. Use it for whatever. For me I’m using it for my inn.

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Nice! Thanks for the info.. I'm researching as much as I can about the game.. but haven't had time to look deeply into the guild stuff.. preciate ya all filling in the blanks.

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Could see one making a nice tavern or something. Would take a little extra work to modify it for other uses, but totally do able.

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This is what your friend is looking for :

"An association is an organization that provides a service to the community or (public) government of a region.[1] Members of an association usually provide services to others that are unrelated to their character skills."

Pretty much, an association is just a group of people coming together for whatever reason they pick. You could have a dog petting association if you wanted. You could still use the hall but label the group use an association.

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Hi, you can also join discord: The Elyrian Marketplace, a place where you can trade giftable items from the COE store.

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I bought one of those with the intention of making it into a open market for my towns folk to sell their stuff in. If I get a guild that wants to set up shop in my settlement so much the better but you can use it for whatever you wish.

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