Contest of the Written Stars

Please submit your story links here!

4/24/2019 1:58:02 AM #1

This sounds amazing! I'm gonna go write something.

4/24/2019 3:40:17 AM #2

A worthy contest, very well made. My hope is that this hype will not fade.

I firmly believe community contests like this is exactly what we need to grow as a community and enrich the game's world.

I am hoping for a lot of good entries and entertaining reads!

4/24/2019 5:44:35 AM #3

I could not agree more!

4/24/2019 11:37:21 PM #4

Super excited about this contest (and holy heck, what a beautiful post)! I cannot wait to read the entries!

Sha'harizi County - Capital City of Ah'wena - Countess Aria - Kitlandria!

4/30/2019 4:31:51 AM #5

I'm really looking forward to seeing what people come up with! Beautiful post! <3

5/8/2019 7:57:32 PM #6

The event has concluded and all stories submitted will now be read! Thank you to all who have participated! Winners will be announced in a little less than a week on May 14th.

5/8/2019 10:40:29 PM #7

This looks so fun!

5/15/2019 2:51:06 AM #8

Congratulations to our winning writer Terham! We will reach out to you via the contact method you provided to us to claim your prize!

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