Gifts from Blackheart that really pop!

All we can say is, wow, thank you!

So many flavors of popcorn arrived at the studio as a gift on behalf of the Kingdom of Blackheart, dutifully executed by the wonderful Duchess Sellayne Darkholm!

Feast your eyes on these eight wonderful tastes that we will be enjoying after I post this.

Here's a shot of them in the packaging:

And here are all 8 flavors in all their glory:

I wonder who the Unicorn flavor is intended for?

All in all there were 12 bags of flavorful popcorn goodness.

From the bottom of our hearts (stomachs), we thank you Sellayne <3

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4/24/2019 5:23:32 PM #1

I've always wondered what Zebra tasted like... ;) Thank you Blackheart! And just in time with D&SS! :D

  • Snipehunter
4/24/2019 5:25:25 PM #2

Serp, you are my cupcake, Caspian is the Unicorn, Souzou is the delicious zebra, Vye is strawberries and cream, Orlando is fifty-fifty (back end and front end, dont ya know?), Snipe is the cheddar and Heat is jalapeno, cause... heat!

Enjoy the popcorn!

4/24/2019 5:29:12 PM #3

Thanks for the wonderful gifts!

4/24/2019 6:33:54 PM #4

Thank you so much! A very thoughtful gift and perfect timing!

The voice of Orlando's FrontEnd

4/24/2019 6:37:01 PM #5

What about the Lemon Heaven?!

4/24/2019 6:47:38 PM #6

Can confirm that Unicorn Popcorn tastes like Fruit Loops. Nom nom.

4/24/2019 7:12:13 PM #7

Posted By Vye at 11:37 AM - Wed Apr 24 2019

What about the Lemon Heaven?!

I guess we'll just have to see who is the most sour next week?

4/24/2019 7:16:17 PM #8
Dev Tribute Confirmed

Definition of tribute by Merriam-Webster:

1a : something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection a floral tribute

1b : something (such as material evidence or a formal attestation) that indicates the worth, virtue, or effectiveness of the one in question the design is a tribute to his ingenuity

2a : a payment by one ruler or nation to another in acknowledgment of submission or as the price of protection

also : the tax levied for such a payment

2b(1) : an excessive tax, rental, or tariff imposed by a government, sovereign, lord, or landlord

2b(2) : an exorbitant charge levied by a person or group having the power of coercion

c : the liability to pay tribute

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4/24/2019 10:18:33 PM #9

The unicorn popcorn is my absolute favorite! Such an awesome gift, I hope everyone enjoyed :D

5/2/2019 2:16:00 AM #10

Looks grate, good on ya.

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