Merchant looking for a Neran Kingdom

I got the merchant package from the kickstarter and looking for a Neran kingdom to join and offer my services to. Thinking of making a Bowyer/Fletcher shop making and selling bows, arrows, and other archery supplies. Or might look into what it takes to be a successful farmer in this game. If you're looking for more players let me know.

4/26/2019 6:27:42 PM #1

Never mind just saw this was Luna general, didn't think that popped up in the noticications

4/26/2019 6:30:01 PM #2

I'd suggest taking your time and getting an idea of the areas that'll be Neran focused. Then reaching out to some communities to see what they've got going. Some are set up to sponsor merchants with ep so that they can hit the ground running.

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4/26/2019 6:34:20 PM #3

I’m a Mayor in the Duchy Thearyn in the Kingdom of Alésia. Be happy to have you move into my town. It’ll be a agricultural focused city but also one that I hope will grow and become a good home to some craftsmen as well.

I’ll know more about the town once DSS starts.

7/5/2019 3:40:28 PM #4

I know I am late to this post haha, but I am a baron in Vornair. I will be needing bowyers and other craftsmen. I will be using some EP to set up a few shops geared towards providing arms and supplies.

Baron Neiph Cadfael

7/5/2019 4:17:19 PM #5

Alesia has a Neran biome, mixed leaf biome perfect for fletching

7/6/2019 12:45:47 AM #6

The kingdom of Bordweall hosts the Neran grasslands, the home land of the Neran.

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