Concord County - Supplying an Army


Supplying the army of the Conclave of Aritaur

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Concordia County is the trading hub of one of the most populous regions in Elyria. From the mighty port of Eastmarch, goods are refined and forged into both the weapons that power the Kingdom’s mighty war machine and the necessities that facilitate life in the duchy. Those goods travel north, to the densely populated counties of Lycaon and Kai’Mera, where demand is high and supply is weak. This trade arrangement has formed a strong bond between leadership of those counties, and commitments to safe passage, good roads, and fast trade have already been established.

Darkmire University:

The premier center of learning in Concordia County and abroad, Darkmire University sets an unparalleled standard in the fields of research and education. Our commitment - and our promise - is to help you develop your skills in the fields of scribing, alchemy & chemistry, social maneuvering, and other pursuits beneficial to academics and adventurers alike, all to prepare you for a life of excellence in service of a larger, more connected world. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to enroll, with the added benefit of picking up useful knowledge and forging meaningful connections that extend beyond the realm of the game. Additional faculty will be hired on a strict case-by-case basis after interviews from Wes and Ray VonWolf, the co-presidents of the university. We sincerely hope to see you in our halls soon!

Smithed Goods:

Is your nearby warlord giving you trouble? Having trouble chopping vegetables? Do you need a magnet? Well, look no further. Ask us about our Weapons Concord program where you can get the arsenal your fighters need delivered to your door for a great price. Thirsty for more? Existing customers in our Weapons Concord programs and deals may be eligible for our Armor Class deal. Keep your AC high, and head down to the Concordia where the weapon you need is waiting for you.


The Crossroads (Capital):

The trade hub at the center of Elyria, and home of the illustrious Darkmire University. People come from across the globe to see the wonders of the Crossroads. If it isn’t where The Roads Converge, it isn’t for sale.


Eisenhaven (meaning “Iron Haven”) will be the chief industrial city in Concordia county, with its main export (as listed above) being both weapons and armor. We seek primarily to provide arms and armor to those of our own county, and to other militaries of the duchy in which we reside. In order to acquire the raw materials necessary to produce these items, we will also employ a mining enterprise, to acquire unrefined metals, and a smelting enterprise, to turn them into materials that we can work with. Additionally, we will need someone to raise livestock, as not all armor is metal, and we’d like to be able to produce leather armors of various types, along with wrapping material for various weapons.

Castle Corvid:

Castle Corvid is the military nerve center of Concordia County. Any military actions either within the county or against a hostile force will be executed from within its walls. Several types of people will find themselves most at home and most gainfully employed in its service. Defense contractors will be necessary, along with architects. Additionally, people enthusiastic about Player-Versus-Player action will be a good fit for military action. Theory crafters, armorers, and civilians who will be providing supplies to the castle are all also necessary.

8/25/2019 5:57:02 PM #1

If you're looking for a county where you or your group can not only make a living, but also enable yourselves to live more adventurously then this is the place for you. It's got everything you need to thrive and survive including but not limited to profitable opportunities and ample resources. As a Mayor, my goal is to connect you to a place within our county that best suits your playstyle be it fishing, farming, architecture, or crafting.

Discord - Charm#7452

9/21/2019 3:27:46 PM #2

Update! Concordia County has placed and is actively seeking new mayors for the villages of Pinesilver Point and Redash Hollow - prime real estate for farmers, woodworkers, and livestock keepers.

With 8 settlements left to fill, there are lots of options, and we're eager to invite new people to our over fifty player community.

Feel free to stop by our Discord and get to know the community!