[Sticky] Luna (NA-E) Kingdom Selection Post

Welcome to Domain and Settlement Selection!

Luna (NA-E) Kingdom Selection

As monarchs make their selections to determine the region of their kingdom(s) on the Luna server, we will update this thread every time a choice is made.

There are reserved posts in this thread for each kingdom that we will update to contain each monarchs decision in pick order!

Make sure you stay tuned to this thread in order to keep you up to date with this starting continent as its makeup unfolds.

By the end of the Monarchs pick week this thread will be full and all of the selections should have been made.

Rejoice as we take part in the building of Elyria.!

4/29/2019 6:13:03 PM #1

The First selection made on the Luna (NA-E) Server was

Kingdom 1 & 2!

Chosen by:

The Kingdom of Vornair

Monarch: Adam Burrfoot

4/29/2019 6:13:09 PM #2

The Second selection made on the Luna (NA-E) Server was

Kingdom 5!

Chosen by:

The Kingdom of Bordweall

Monarch: Dleatherus

4/29/2019 6:13:14 PM #3

The Third selection made on the Luna (NA-E) Server was

Kingdom 6!

Chosen by:

The Kingdom of Kairos

Monarch: Thared

4/29/2019 6:13:22 PM #4

The Fourth selection made on the Luna (NA-E) Server was

Kingdom 3!

Chosen by:

The Kingdom of Alésia

Monarch: Phyllain

4/29/2019 6:13:27 PM #5

The Fifth and final selection made on the Luna (NA-E) Server was

Kingdom 4!

Chosen by:

The Kingdom of Fortuna

Monarch: Blah64

4/29/2019 9:20:11 PM #6



4/29/2019 9:46:02 PM #7

Time to see if the gentleman's agreement is honored.

4/29/2019 9:57:58 PM #8

Can’t wait for everything to finally pan out! Vornair and Bordweall are true to their word, but will everyone else? /popcorn

4/29/2019 11:14:53 PM #9

I wouldn’t mind if kairos were to pick k3 or k4 either.

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5/1/2019 4:33:37 AM #10

So D never got his official pick in tonight?

5/1/2019 6:17:40 AM #11

Replying to easily find this again.

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5/1/2019 1:35:36 PM #12

Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Will they keep their word, or will they take a look at the lay of the land and decide to break it. Thus starting a war before the game is even launched.

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5/2/2019 4:59:58 AM #13

I fully expect everything to go as planned, the respective monarchs and their communities have been formulating plans based on their tribe/biome for months now and have little reason to change it at the last minute.

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5/3/2019 11:19:36 AM #14

Where's the update?

5/3/2019 5:19:04 PM #15

Kingdom selection going a lot slower than I thought it would.