[EU-Arkadia] County of Altum

County of Altum

Welcome to County of Altum!

4x SIZED county, invites all Elyrians willing to start an amazing adventure with us!

The County of Altum, in the Kingdom of Arkadia (EU-Selene Server) ruled by Count Ceridian of House Caledon, stands strong with and loyal to his Liege Lord. The heart of the County is the great coastal City of Altumus. The County’s crown jewel, the hub and centre of commerce and the seat of a local government.

House Caledon has ruled the County with a just and fair hand for many decades, recently having further solidified their power in the County with the rise of King Raziel to the throne of Kingdom of Arkadia.


County of Altum is dedicated to the expansion of knowledge with a focus on commerce, research, and becoming a seafaring duchy. However, as a secondary role we want to have a strong defence army which can be easily transformed into an offensive army whenever needed - in the other words - through strong and self-sustaining economy we are aiming to support our military needs.

We are always looking for players who want to have fun and enjoy the game.


What do we believe in?


Our main values are reflected on Coats of Arms:

Courage - Wisdom - Prosperity

  • Courage is symbolized by a Lion and Two Swords.
  • Wisdom by Library.
  • Prosperity by six stars placed around a Lion.
  • Laures means that all citizens will be rewarded by the dedication and hard work - this is a county truly based on merits!

The County At A Glance

  • Server: EU-Selene
  • Kingdom: Kingdom of Arkadia
  • County: County of Antum
  • Ruling Count: Ceridian of House Caledon
  • Primary Colors: Royal Gold, Velvet Black
  • Aesthetic Influences: A mixture of Roman Empire and a medieval flair specifically from the Early Middle Ages.

  • Primary Goals: Commerce, Knowledge

  • Secondary Goals: PvP through organising a High-Quality Standing Army (less in numbers but better equipped and prepared) Roleplay: Roleplay is welcomed but is not strictly required. Those who do not wish to roleplay please respect those members that do.

Discord Server: Join the County Discord Here!

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Mayors (positions opened),
  • and any other Citizens - ranging from soldiers, sailors to farmers and crafters that want to be a part of our county and make it a home.

We are also welcoming local language speaking communities! Our official language is English, but we will be having dedicated sections on discord dedicated to specific languages, such as Polish, German, French, Italian and we will add more depending on the need!




While Domain & Settlement Selection has yet to be done, Altum aims to be a coastal county with land covered by rainforest. All citizens will help plan for the location as will The Golden Council.

Kingdom of Arkadia

Who is County Altum’s Liege?

Kingdom of Arkadia > County of Altum

County Capital City: Altumus


The Golden Council

The Golden Council

All Mayors that will join us will be automatically seated in The Golden Council.

This is the place where we debate our future strategy and solving our problems on a county level. The main aim of this council is to truly solve the problems together! So no-one is left behind.

How The Golden Council will be operating, we will add more info later. If you join us now, you can help in shaping it!


Commerce and Knowledge


The first pillar is trade and crafting - all merchants will be incentivised when coming to County Altum to conduct their business, such as security escorts. We will also promote the production of speciality items within the cities, which can be sold in other areas for a profit. Soon, we will add a list of Guilds and Trade organizations.


The second pillar is research and development, which will be encouraged through supporting knowledge-based guilds during Exposition and focus on development and maintenance of the technology centres within the county. Technology will provide several benefits, such as military superiority and quality of life for all citizens.

The aim is to have a dedicated space for every profession to aid in research and tech development for that skill/profession, so no matter what business or profession you are interested in, you can rest assured you will have up to date tech.


Military Strength

“The Military is close to the heart of this county, we rely on the strength of our trade and knowledge to create a capable and resilient army.”


Our aim is to create military forces based on quality in terms of equipment and especially our citizen’s skill. If you want to focus on PvP this is a perfect place! We will be a coastal county, and in effect no-landlocked, which gives even more opportunities to participate in future wars!

A big chunk of military investments will also go for our Navy!

The military forces of our region will be controlled by Duke Gaius and his respective Barons.

Military Ranks

Military Ranks


Summary of County Goals

  • Prioritizing and developing trade and seafaring commerce.
  • Focusing on county infrastructure.
  • Becoming a technology powerhouse.
  • Helping to maintain a well-trained standing army for our Duke Gaius - which will guarantee our county a proper safety.
  • Helping and supporting local communities.
  • Allowing the general populace to have a voice.

Why and How to Join Us?

Join! We currently seek villagers from all walks of life, but especially mayors of great trade towns and villages to join Count Ceridian of House Caledon in building what may be the greatest coastal county in all of Elyria!

What makes us so different? We will have both a strong focus on successful in-game management of resources for knowledge, trade and crafting and smaller but highly qualified and well-equipped army.

If you are Mayor, you will have an amazing opportunity to be a part of a truly unified and strong Kingdom of Arcadia, which is under great management!

We hope to establish lasting trade connections and allegiances between other counties and kingdoms to prosper for our county and help all within it. Regardless of what city, family, or company you choose to join by becoming a citizen of Altum you'll be protected and provided by its people and also by the people of Duchy of Latium and ultimately the Kingdom of Arkadia.


How to register as a citizen of County Altum?

In order to join us come to our Discord channel and let’s discuss what YOU want to achieve in Chronicles of Elyria and how we could make that wish come true!

Start a new life in County of Altum!

Join Us!

Remember... Courage - Wisdom - Prosperity!

5/4/2019 1:40:33 PM #1

List of Settlements

Altumus - County of Altum Capital

5/4/2019 2:02:56 PM #2

I love it …… neat...…….. I am proud to have you in my Duchy.. we will make History.

5/5/2019 10:48:41 PM #3

Updated Military Ranks to reflect an army structure in Kingdom of Arkadia.

5/6/2019 11:07:24 AM #4

Nice and good luck!

Life is too short to play bad games.

5/18/2019 7:57:16 AM #5

Added more details to a county description and swapped some images.

And as always, come and join our discord if you've got more questions.

5/18/2019 7:21:37 PM #6

Lovely photos indeed. Protection will not be a problem at all, because Latium is blessed with many pvp community from all over the world. This is very important because Latium will be a Duchy always awake, active and alert.

7/4/2019 11:32:29 PM #7

Recently updated the initial post and as a reminder, if you want to join our county but not sure, come to our discord and let's chat about it :)

7/20/2019 8:39:06 AM #8

Recently the maps with more details have been revealed so it seems like DSS is almost upon us!

County of Altum is preparing for picking the territory that will serve well for its citizens. Join us now and be part of our TRIPLE-SIZED COUNTY! Yes, you read it right, our county will be consisting of 3 normal counties combined into one! Plenty of space for cities, a potentially abundant with resources!

Join our discord if you want to know more:

8/4/2019 12:55:36 PM #9

OK, we seem to be really close to DSS now. Just a reminder that by joining us earlier you can have your voice in shaping the future of our county!

Our discord:

8/25/2019 8:46:40 AM #10

After the recent event with Mayor Titles conversion to Count Titles, County of Altum officially becomes 6x of REGULAR COUNTY SIZE! - more available cities, towns and hamlets. Also, plenty of space for expanding the settlements.

If you want to become Mayor, there is a tremendous opportunity, here in County of Altum! On the other hand, if you want to pursue soldier, merchant or crafter profession - that's also great! Trade will be booming in our mega county and it will need protection!

Come to our Discord and find out more!

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