The Jungle Fists

Jungle Fists

(Oceanus Kingdom 4)

Adjective: Jungle monk(s)


The creation of the Jungle Fists is unknown there isn't a known date or how they formed but all we know they have lived out through centuries. Janoan's have always knew the Jungle Fists existed and that they don't leave their temple that often and spend most of their days in seclusion.


Towards the southernmost of Caprakan in the Janoan rain-forest there lies the great temple of the Jungle Fists who are destined to protect the people of the rain-forest and keep a balance within the flora & fauna. The main goal of the Jungle Fists is to prevent severe disasters from damaging Caprakan such as the ancient phoenix which caused a drought in the rain-forest.


The Jungle Fists believe the strongest strength within a Mann is the body strength itself and avoid weapons excluding shields & Staves. The training within the temple does not completely rely on strength and body training but the mind itself.

>Academic Roles

Although the name of this society sounds like its combat focused the jungle fists are heavily involved with the following academic focuses.


The Jungle Fists would benefit from this by finding lost treasures which could benefit us with cures, weapons, loot to help those villages who are victimized to disasters and possibly cursed artifacts to seal away hidden from those who seek destruction and terror.


The Jungle Fists believe that assigning star signs to monks within the temple would benefit them with accomplishing their ambitions.


Discovery is always important to monks so they can make new allies through out the undiscovered lands.


The Purpose of creating enhancements (drugs)


A Jungle Monks tongue requires to understand the minimum of four languages To Travel, Befriend, and Trade.


Upon joining there will be a test of knowledge and combat followed by the ritual of the beasts which requires a party of protectors to group together and partake a battle against a deadly beast within the jungle. Not all monks make it back alive…


Phoenix Fist - Master

Serpent Fist - Instructor

Blood Fist - Monk

Protector - Trainee

>Society Laws

Both Men and Women have equal standings

There could only be 1 leader, After death of a leader there will be a ritual of the beginnings which is a free for all fight which the strongest will succeed

Assassinations are forbidden

Raids are forbidden

All are welcome but only those who live in the Kingdom of Caprakan

There could only be 1 Master, 6 Instructors and infinite amount of Blood Fist & Protectors

Upon breaking the rules above punishments involve banishment, amputation and even death.


This Society could be seen as a very harsh charity group… Haha :D

Role-play is encouraged and those who don't know how to role-play you will learn upon joining :D

Oh and you don't have to shave ya head bald -_-

If you are interested in joining please contact me on discord, my name is Karrar, you can find me in the Kingdom of Caprakan Discord.

5/10/2019 12:35:01 AM #1

A very cool addition to Caprakan and the southern Janoan territory!

I look forward to working with you and the Jungle Fists :)

8/27/2019 5:26:58 PM #2

Good job. Interesting to see archaeology considered in a group that centres around physical attributes. Would this group be pro or anti Indiana Jones?

Hopefully not everyone thinks it's only about combat. But then people think fightclub is a fighting movie lol

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