[OCE] The Black Prince of Ebonmarsh

The Origins of Ebonmarsh and the Marshal Line:

Lost to the antiquities of time, the true story of what happened in the Jungles of the South is mostly forgotten. What is known is that in the past a fracture was created within the Janoan tribe that saw several clans irrevocably changed, their stripes disappeared and their skin grew pale and gaunt, the Dras were born. Not all of these clans were merchants or healers, among them were several clans of fighting men and women who had once been members of the Janoan Warrior Cults, disdained for their physical changes but possessed of a warrior spirit that made poor slaves, these warrior Dras broke free of their bonds and fled north, to the lands of the Neran, where they found refuge and teachers.

A leader took command of this small nation of refugees, the ancestor of the Marshal line. This man was Ha’kar, of the Marx’hal clan. Once in the Neran lands a Baron of some note took the refugees in and began a friendship with their leader that would last for generations. Under the Barons’ tutelage, Ha’kar learned to fight with sword and lance, and developed a fascination and affinity for the great Destriers that were used in combat and tournament by Neran Knights. Eventually Ha’kar would take a new name, on the day of his Knighting, he was Dubbed Sir William the Marshal, Prince of the Banished. It was said his household bore the eyes of the Dragon, a potent spirit and guardian, and so his shield bore its visage upon its face.

Despite their welcome, and how quickly Marshal’s warriors took to this new style of combat, they knew they couldn’t stay here forever, the sun burned them and they longed for the damper climes of the South. So it was that after nearly two decades in exile, the newly crowned William rode South with his people and waged war on their one time oppressors.

It would be two centuries before the bloodshed would end with a peace treaty signed at Hel Fenn, and an Alliance that saw Knights of the Prince ride further south to aid Yaotl Heart-Taker in claiming the Crown. While there was still enmity between the tribes, for now at least there would be peace. The Lands of the Southern Swamps was granted to the Dras and divided amongst their largest factions, the land known as Ebonmarsh on the border with the northern Kingdom of Lor Voskara was allocated to the descendants of William the Marshal, and so the Principality of Ebonmarsh was settled and a new warrior culture was forged in the darkness.


Ebonmarsh is the northernmost Duchy of Caprakan, sitting on the border of Lor Voskara. Our dream is to be both a trade hub to facilitate ease of commerce between our northern Dras cousins and the southern Dras of Caprakan. I also seek to create a Feudal Principality with a unique culture to the server, focusing on traits from 12th Century Normandy, 14th Century Transylvania and elements of Asian River Cultures thrown in for good measure. After all this is a fantasy game, let’s make it as mixed as we can.

The Black Prince of Ebonmarsh, Vladymir von Marshal XIX:

The current ruler is Prince Vlad, the latest in a long line of Warrior Princes to descend from William. Like all those before him he has grown up in the Knight School of Chivalry and achieved his belt and shield as is proper before he could assume the throne. He pays homage to the King of the South and maintains a standing force to ride to his Liege-Lord’s defence should it be needed.

Ebonspyre, Capitol of Ebonmarsh:

The seat of power is the fortress town of Ebonspyre where the Prince holds his court. It is considered a great honour by the noble families to hold a seat at Court, as such the competition is fierce between rival Households.

Within Ebonspyre there are several organisations that are held in High Esteem:

The Iron Circle:

A Guild of the finest Blacksmiths and armourers in Ebonmarsh, while their workshops are located all over the Principality they have their headquarters in Ebonspyre, where the Guildmaster and his Apprentices work directly for the Prince and his Household. Within the Iron Circle an apprentice must work for a minimum of 7 years to attain Journeyman status and much longer to attain a Master’s ring.

The Merchant’s Guild:

As with most seats of power within the world, every guild is represented. The Merchant’s Guild provides licences for large business Merchants at the pleasure of the Prince, it also grants them a voice at Court to discuss tariffs and restrictions.

The Academy of Chivalry:

This specialist school is run by the Prince and his coterie personally. It is here that Noble, and wealthy commoner, youths are trained to become Knights of the Realm. They can attend as young as 12, but must be able to supply clothing and equipment as well as a horse for the duration of their training as a Page, where they will learn sword, lance and unarmed combat. Once this training is complete they will enter apprenticeship to a Knight and act as Squire until such time as they are deemed ready to take on the mantle and responsibilities of a Knight. Knighthood also confers nobility and the title of Lord on any who achieve it.

The Prince’s Own:

The personal army of the Black Prince, the Own are his will and word. Three Companies of highly trained soldiers under the Command of a Knight-Marshal, sword to the Prince’s defence. Though he will often try to lead the men personally, the Prince can trust that all shall be taken care of under the guiding hand of his pre-eminent Knight.

On Nobility in Ebonmarsh:

Nobility is ranked in tiers, from the landed Nobility of Barons, Viscounts and Counts, to the Court-Nobility of Lords and Ladies. All are sworn to obey the Chivalric Law, though not all need be Knights. A Lord is also judged on how he maintains his Mesnie, or Household, the more Knights he holds in vassalage, the more he is seen as a great lord.

The Chivalric Code:

A Knight or Noble is expected to exhibit the following virtues as pertains to their responsibilities and privileges as a Knight of the Realm in service to the Black Prince, Vladymir the XIX.

Prowess, Humility, Faith, Franchise, Integrity, Generosity, Courtesy.

These virtues are to be demonstrated to the highest of nobility as well as to the lowest commoner, for without them the Kingdom crumbles.

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