Ranger Corps of DiNolfol

The Rangers of DiNolfol are a paramilitary organization that operate out of the town of DiNolfol. Chartered and established with the backing of Mayor Ason Selmy early in his service, the primary objectives of the Rangers are to gather intelligence both domestically, and some cases even abroad. Rangers primarily are skilled archers, yet more recently have also gained training proficiencies with daggers or short swords. Rangers are defined by their unique green cloaks, and can have a gold,silver,or bronze oak leaf pendant that identifies them as a Ranger. Entry into the Rangers is only through invitation, and training may take years until a recruit can become a fully fledged Ranger in the Corps.

There are numerous specialized techniques developed or adapted by Rangers over the years since their formation. Aside from typical woodsman training Ranger techniques include:



Specialized Horse and Dog training

Carrier pigeons/ravens

Extreme longbow proficiency




Prior to release, open recruitment into the Ranger Corps has been permitted to fill our ranks. Join our Discord Server to learn more, and Join Today

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