Arizona player rollcall! Lets grab a beer!

Good afternoon!

Sun Devils! Where my valley peeps at, lets grab some beers.

5/17/2019 12:56:57 AM #1

I'm an Arizonian! I'm right in Tempe

5/20/2019 4:10:03 AM #2

Posted By Syckness at 5:56 PM - Thu May 16 2019

I'm an Arizonian! I'm right in Tempe

Bro! I'm less than 20 mins away! Wanna get a beer sometime?

5/20/2019 10:02:48 AM #3

I used to live in Tucson (13 years total), Sun Devils can suck my Hrothi flop sweat, WildCats go!

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5/23/2019 4:46:46 AM #4


Maricopa here!

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5/23/2019 5:13:22 AM #5

N. Phoenix... Not a beer drinker but I'll grab a whiskey or something!

6/14/2019 6:25:23 PM #6

Hasher and I are from Maricopa, AZ, join us:

Mayor: Aurabella Dawnkhaelis

All that share in the virtues are welcome in O’kintük. However, the lands, religion, and main population will be Hrothi. The Hrothi are an underestimated people due to their stature. However, those that know them appreciate their wisdom, work ethic, and merry demeanor.

The community of O’kintük will be loyal, easygoing, and peaceful. Our faith in Virtori teachings is strong: we are a charitable community and defenders of virtue. Our Brudvir sister hamlet will assist us in securing our land and we, in turn, provide metal, stone, armor, and weapons. The “Cold Mountain Alliance” with our Brudvir brethren is of the utmost importance as we will rely on each other for immediate survival. We hereby also commit to contribute to the goals of Evertide and Aranor. Our primary professions will be masons, smiths, jewelers, and farmers. Our goal is to be a united, strong, and prosperous community that facilitates fun and adventure.

Link to O'kintük Discord:

Countess Aurabella

6/24/2019 4:38:51 AM #7

/wave to all of you, Maricopa is where I be!

PM if you ever want to hangout!

7/1/2019 11:16:20 PM #8

Hey, everyone! Sierra Vista, here.

7/30/2019 6:14:55 PM #9

Chandler, AZ here. I brew my own brew and would love to tag along!

8/8/2019 1:39:20 PM #10

Lotta AZ people :D

8/19/2019 11:54:35 PM #11

Think half of my Duchy is from the valley, N. PHX here myself.

8/31/2019 4:04:09 AM #12

I am near paradise valley, we got lots of Arizonians here.

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8/31/2019 10:09:06 PM #13

I'm from AZ, in the Prescott area.

9/10/2019 5:05:22 AM #14

North Scottsdale here.

9/18/2019 12:35:18 AM #15

Gilbert here

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