introducing Zeek

Disclaimer: if this it too cringy moderators, I can remove or edit it to make it more appropriate for this forum

hey what's up b0i0s its your boy Zeek here making an introduction post because why the frick not. your probably wondering, why the cringe all lowercase and cool middle school grammar? because.

the names Zeek Thurirl Akavir Halkyr The First at your service. I joined and became really active in the epic year of 2018.

im a resident of the EPIC kingdom of Aranor, its beyond the fabric of salty or chill. oh right, I'm also a bloodline.

my skills: not pvping, programming (python ftw), diplomacy, simple yet effective tasks

favorite game other than CoE: either FrOm ThE dEPtHS or The Elder Scrolls Arena 4.

favorite subject: pfft, computer engineering (which is not CIS), what else would a 13 year old do?

ok tHaNKs FoR reading my post, make sure to like, subscribe and hit that epic bell in the corner. peace out REEEE

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