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I am not sure if soloing will work in this game but I have been thinking about some possibilities. I want to play in the snow and ice so from what i have learned about the game, the Brudvir in the Taiga should be my choice.

Anyone thinking about giving solo play a go or maybe play in a loosely organized group of mostly independent players.

Maybe like a mountain man of the 1800's North American Rocky Mountains going mostly with survival skills, traveling light, moving around a lot, hunting, trapping, scavenging stuff, and gathering a few resources. Or say head west walking for weeks or months, making maps and selling or trading in settlements along the way.

I have followed this game very loosely for a few years and just started following it a bit closer and am thinking about a pledge package.

6/3/2019 8:09:46 AM #1

I would not recommend playing solo in the kind of never interacting with any other characters ingame.

However, playing while interacting with any useful characters ingame that you come across should work just fine. There may be groups of players that want to you come to their discords/TS to talk, but quite sure there will be villages or towns where less communication is required and people can simply behave like NPCs and just do their thing.

There are some things I simply would not do alone, like crafting complex stuff that requires several professions (like houses) or attacking other characters/villages... but I dont see any issues in just doing those with the characters I find ingame.

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6/3/2019 12:19:59 PM #2

Soloing would be hard at first I imagine. You'll probably to stay in the area you start in for a while before you are able to build up the skills necessary for that. Since you plan on playing in the taiga as Brudvir why not check out the Aranor discord?

6/3/2019 1:45:07 PM #3

Probably would need other players/NPCs to help you setup. An house for example, making basic weapons/tools. Once you got all that, could probably live on your own as an survivalist player.

Your idea would work as well. Forever on the move, staying in towns for safety when need be. Hunting along the way for coin. Be a dam interesting way to play the game. Bound to see something interesting happen.

6/3/2019 2:31:47 PM #4

I don't know the mark down code but this is the current skill tree. You can play solo but how independent you can be is the real question.

Let's take a look at the survival and see what you would need to be 100% independent.

Survival: You would need almost all of the skills under survival to live.

Animal care skill :
This is so you can make a living and care a good amount to sell. You would need at least a horse. You could get away without this but would make a lower income. If you aren't buying your horse then you would need to tame it. To create a saddlebags, you'll most likely need leather working and metal working but we can come back to that.

Forestry: You'll need this to make fire to cook and make shelter during bad weather. You can get too hot or too cold. But your body does not disappear when you log off. This assuming you are not stopping at a town.

First aid: You could skip this skill at your own risk but playing alone you would need to know how to patch yourself up. Making bandages and advance tools would need other professions and advance knowledge in medicine if anything serious.(in the lore tree)

Hunting: Your bread and butter for tracking animals and making snares. This does not give the skills to kill or skill the kill after. Depending on the size of the animal you wouldn't be able to harvest it all there. You can only hold a certain amount of weight on your person/horse(if you have one). If you are going to make your own tools to make the best out of skinning/ meat harvesting. You will need a fine edge. That means metalworking and mining(gathering your own ore and processing it). Then a cart to carry back multiple parts of the animal. (I won't get into the skills you need to make a cart). We'll just say your already have armor and not get into the processing of the fur to make armor from your kills and maintaining it and your weapons.


This is the last skill and you will need this to find water, especially, if you are traveling through the desert.

Surveying is not used for making maps. That is a whole another skill. You would need to go down the lore skill. Which you would need the tools for map making which means you need a paper press and whatever skills to make ink.

You could get away without fishing if you can hunt and cook basic meals and you don't need horticulture.

To have children you need a home. You can have a mobile home and live out of a wagon or you need a home built and pay taxes.

At the end of the day it depends what you want. If you want to be known for being a hunter or trap, then you won't be playing solo. A team working together will be able to do tons more than you can do yourself. Also, you will be at the mercy market. If there is a group of people doing what you are doing and flooding the market with skins they'll push you out or you will have the sell furs and meat cheap. Also moving around it a lot means, it will take you longer to establish business relationships with others. You will need a good amount of money to supply yourself will tools, there is no way you will be able to do it yourself even with "no life-ing" the game.

If you want to do this for the fun of it and don't really care about any thing else and enjoy a challenge, go for it.

6/3/2019 2:44:13 PM #5

Find a settlement, or start one, based off what the Wildlings in GoT had. Loose government with the freedom to come and go as you please. Do what you like, but still has laws that protect people to some extent. Do some searches for settlements that are more into the concept that "only the strong survive" kinda of thing. They may be more inclined to allow players to go about their territory, build a house, and play solo.

You'll always have to interact with other players at some point. It's a huge world, but it's still one that is limited in resources so at some point someone will come around and find your little hide away.

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6/3/2019 5:36:50 PM #6

Honestly anyone outside nobles and maybe crafters should be able to play solo fairly easily. Crafters may want to opt into social game-play more due to getting their reputation and fame up = more store visitors but every other playstyle should be fairly independent capable.

I don't know anymore.

6/3/2019 9:40:08 PM #7

If you are going to go solo then you're going to have to be a very fast learner all on your own.

  • You'll have to learn how to catch a fish/rabbit. First creating a fishing pole / trap or just running them down and beating them to death and hoping that they do not kill you or hurt you too bad.

  • Learning to creating a fire to cook your food so you do not die of dysentery.

  • Learning to build a shelter of some kind. You'll have to cut down a tree or something wooded, and modify it to create your shelter. This means you'll need an axe or something sharp just to cut the wood. This also means you'll have to learn the skill to make such a weapon to cut the wood.

  • you'll need to learn to make your own clothes from tanning the hides of the things you kill. Skinning knife or something else sharp. Again learning how to create this first.

  • any medical needs you have will be taught by trial and error. you'll have to figure out what plants and herbs will and won't kill you.

All the while trying to out run that Otterbear that want's to lay their eggs in your skull, or trying to keep from freezing to death, starving, and of course dying of dysentery.

I'll admit that it could be easier then I am thinking, but I wouldn't expect it to be as simple as other survival games. Those tend to throw everything you need to survive right in front of you, and you can master making everything you need to survive in that environment within the first 20 minutes of game play. With CoE I am hoping somethings are easily taught to help stay alive, but to live solo in the cold mountains from day 1 would just be suicide in my mind.

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7/16/2019 6:51:31 AM #8

I will probably end up playing solo some times since I want to set out into the wilderness as soon as I step into Elyria. I want to pick up surveying and fighting skills probably a 2 hander. I will probably be playing a Brudvir also probably from Taiga also but I really want to start hitting that exploration fast.

7/16/2019 9:15:16 AM #9

Well you don’t need to play with players if that’s what you mean. And you should get by selling materials, meat or fur you gathered out in the wild. The only disadvantage to not being in a large group is that your progression would be slower.

Get yourself a pack of wolves for protection and a sled for easy travel and storage. Live off that and feeding the pack should be easy as your bow will slow down prey.

7/16/2019 1:31:57 PM #10

I plan to do a lot solo, but that is now. After getting into the game and playing that idea might change. There's soooooo many different ways to play CoE. Like Odd Fella said you could train yourself a pack of wolves, if they don't eat you first, and live with them as a pack. Or you could play a city guard, an explorer finding new places and new resource, a farmer who almost never leaves the town border.

That's why I hope CoE keeps going strong. They are making it where you could play for years and still be finding new things that were there on day 1.

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9/2/2019 12:12:45 PM #11

i would say have ur first char or generation have a sustainable income generating home somewhere. rent it to the town or make it into a stay vacation home type (if thats posisble).. and then go wander and roam around mastering wilderness and survival skills.

another idea would be - learn ur survival skills and live in the wilderness. and hope u dont get any complicated sickness. else if u hear some town has a free hospice.. roam inthe wilderness alone. thats the only type of solo play. anything to do with civilization would mean ur intertaction with npcs and eventually a player :D

12/2/2019 10:26:42 PM #12

I personally would welcome Solo players in my Town. They have a lot to offer in being able to do things others cannot. I personally came here Solo but being a Count I am required to obviously incorporate myself in some manner. I understand the desire to play solo and I know for certain it is doable. Go for it!

12/2/2019 11:36:21 PM #13

If, by "solo", you mean with as little interaction as possible with both PCs and NPCs, I think it will be difficult given the breadth of skills built into the game to create inter-dependencies, but probably doable after an initial period of learning basic survival skills in a community.

If you're more meaning "solo" to be without dealing much with other actual PCs, as if you were in a single-player RPG most of the time, but dealing regularly with NPCs, that should be much easier, and more about living on fringes of wilderness.

But since the world's economy is designed to be built out of NPC and PC created goods, made from finite, harvested resources, it would be hard to go it entirely alone.

But I'd respect the challenge! And personally, I'd love to see independent players in my County and Duchy. I think that brings a great diversity to play and culture. And as a Brudvir Northerner, I'd be especially impressed by anyone pulling that off.

Best of luck!

12/3/2019 12:56:27 AM #14

I'd say.. stay near where you spark for a while. try surviving short periods of time, then increase as you feel comfortable. learning the skills you'll need. then adventure off across the horizon, squat on some random hidden parcel with a shack. live the life of a hermit. There's likely a special story trigger for hermits..talking to animals would be my guess

12/3/2019 1:20:02 AM #15

That was my plan before I met my current group. I still might make an alt that ends up wandering Elyria.

Of course, my idea was settlement to settlement, travelling roadways and paths, not into the wilderness if I could help it.

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