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Hey 🙂 so I've been thinking about my place in CoE ... All I know is that I feel like playing as a Brudvir. Maybe start without a family - travel around the north eventually settling down. Have a couple of wolves with me (maybe die trying to). Does this seem viable ? How would you guys recieve travelers passing through your town ?

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What you are describing is definitely viable, you can start as a ward of state (meaning you do not start within a family). We know that you can have wolves as pets (pet wolves have been sold in the store before). How people would receive travellers would definitely vary though in my honest opinion, I would like to say that you would be welcomed with warmth everywhere, but I do not think that will be always the case.

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Agreed with Rellik. Definitely seems viable within the game game mechanics. Would really depend on how Duchies,counties, and/or Settlements handle outsiders. Definitely a neat perspective to start your adventure!

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There are going to be Brudvir in settlements outside the taiga prior to game launch, according to the demographics projections that became known a while back. A viable strategy might be to start in one of those settlements. Another might be to start in the taiga and journey to one or more of the diaspora settlements.

Keep your eye out for lore posts by developers -- essentially stories -- that mention Brudvir outside the taiga. These will be big hints for how that might have come to be, as well as hints about how to make use of it for your personal story.

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That's a great idea. I like the story of returning home as a lost child - it also give the opportunity learn about the game-world. Starting out as an underdog with a clear path up and into society. Thanks :)

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Try it, see what happens and enjoy the story as you unfold it. There'll be no rules stopping you--Just be ready for plot twists.

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Sounds like an enjoyable experience, get to see some of the lands before you make a home for yourself. It'll be dangerous outside of towns alone, perhaps tag along with merchant caravans or patrols for some mutual protection. :)

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@Khazad, @Daynen

Would be a great way to build op relationships with other communities of both players and NPCs in a more natural environment - RP or not. maybe stop along the way and pick up knowledge, pets ...

Wonder how the personal story would tackle this ... try to lure you off along the way, or actually sum it all up as an adventure searching for "home". ... or introduce an epic bug(?) sending me further south and into harsh southern warm lands.

Selene (EU) - Brudvir Explorer/Bardic .. Maybe?

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