The Black Lotus Alchemy Guild

Welcome to The Black Lotus !


The Black Lotus is a guild that is a part of the strongest force in all of a Demalion, a county called The Skelanos.


The Black Lotus always had a goal to:

❉ Research the alchemic way to become The Immortal.

❉ Uncover the secrets of our Mother Nature.

❉ Become one step closer to the ultimate power - Scientific Magic.


We, the guild members of The Black Lotus, believe that Science can be more powerful than Magic itself.


We will focus on:

❉ Crafting the best Poisons and Antidotes in all of Elyria.

❉ Genetically altering Agriculture to it’s peak.

Evolving humans and animals to their superior race.

Meanwhile a few talents of The Alchemy Arts will harness the power of shadow.


We will store all of our research in a great library for generations to come!


The Black Lotus welcomes everyone that is interested in the arcane arts of alchemy.


Interested in joining us? Then please join our discord server:


Visit the website where our guild is featured to find out more information about us and our lore:

Don’t miss this chance and join our prestigious guild!

Lord of The Silver Phoenix City!