Washington State Adventures?

Hello all!

Triskut here. I just became a Proprietor. I'm am so, so excited for this game.

So I was wondering who else in is WA and lets talk about starting a family. Or perhaps a settlement of our own....maybe call it Evergreen.

8/2/2019 6:18:27 PM #1

Well. I'm in WA. And a count. And have some mayors who might be interested in helping you. Drop me a line.

We are in Ashland -- Hrothi area.

Count of Frostale, in the Duchy of Fioralba, in the Kingdom of Ashland, by the Grace of Haven. The above opinions are mine alone and do not reflect those of my Kingdom or Duchy.

8/2/2019 6:48:08 PM #2

Welcome Triskut! You will find a good number of people from Washington, myself and a buddy of mine included, even a shoutout thread on the topic.

Best of luck finding some like minded individuals to chat about the game with, I find it to be extremely important this early in development to have a reason to stick around and the community is definitely the best one I've found :D

(Duchy I'm in, in case you are interested)

8/2/2019 10:31:58 PM #3

I'm in Washington. I'm an NA-E main, but I am gonna play on NA-W at some point without a doubt. I haven't really decided what kind of character, though.

9/4/2019 9:00:37 PM #4

I was going to say earlier I am also in Washington State. Born and raised here. Sure to die here, I guess.


9/4/2019 9:04:03 PM #5

My character (more of a linage of characters it looks like) will be based on my decision to join a kingdom early on. That allowed me into their internal discussions. I am committed to that kingdom and its plans. And that drove what kind of character I will become. Different tribe and biome than I expected, but I pledged. Janoa!! grrr tiger people.


9/4/2019 9:08:53 PM #6

Posted By Bombastus at 3:31 PM - Fri Aug 02 2019

I'm in Washington. I'm an NA-E main, but-

9/4/2019 9:13:34 PM #7

mm sound kindof hostile in a game we don't even have weapons in yet, just get to talk about it.

Are we supposed to attack the other continents, too? This is going to get busy.


9/21/2019 5:52:14 AM #8

I am also from Washington, I just claimed the town Greycarver the quagmire (Redgull) in Duskholm. Mainly dras, little bit of To'resk, and even less Neran. Everyone is welcome

Mayor of Greycarver

9/22/2019 12:13:24 AM #9

I am from Washington Angelica NA W, The Kingdom of Ashland

I am looking for a few good people to join my village?

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