Which tribe for alchemy?

I am just trying to figure out which tribe would be best for alchemy. Living location is the only defining characteristic of a tribe that I think would benefit to alchemy, but if there is anything else let me know.

If you like alchemy, settle in Amestrys. If you can find it...(NA-E)

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This kind of question is a bit open ended and you may get various answers from the community.

I think the safest bet would be Dras or Kypiqs.

Dras have resistances to poisons and diseases and live in extremely diverse biomes.

Kypiqs seem to have a diverse biome as well, and they are intuitive tinkerers by nature. That and they have a legendary University for Alchemy called the Kinothian.

Runner up would be Neran I think. Jack of all trades, and they share the university with the kypiqs, although I think it's in the kypiqs biome (tbd)

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where do you find the information on the universities

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Posted By DonQuixote at 10:41 PM - Thu Aug 22 2019

where do you find the information on the universities

pretty sure it was in the Kypiq writeup, or at least the original one. The writeups saved on the site are shortened a bit for some reason.

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I think I saw more alchemists in Dras settlements than elsewhere. Kypiqs will have some wild herbs. Snipe mentioned special alchemical components in caves in the Waerdlands. So I’d guess those three.

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